Description. -- The thick stem of this plant is from three to four feet high, and arises from a perennial bulb or root. Leaves scattered, lanceolate, and narrowed at the base. Flowers are large, snow-white, and smooth inside.
    History. -- The Meadow Lily is an exotic. It is a native of Syria and Asia Minor. The flowers are regarded as being very beautiful, but are not used for medical purposes. The plant is principally cultivated for the flowers. The bulb is the part used for its curative properties. Water extracts its virtues.
    Properties and Uses. -- It is mucilaginous, demulcent, tonic, and astringent. It is chosen by some of our best botanical practitioners as a certain remedy for leucorrhoea and falling of the womb, and for those affections, when combined with Life-Root and other herbal preparations, is without an equal. Sometimes the recent root is used to advantage in dropsy. Boiled in milk, it is also useful for ulcers, inflammations, fever-sores, etc. I use it in combination with other indicated plants as an injection in leucorrhoea, with very gratifying success.