This is the "Jacob's Ulcer" of common parlance, and from its rapacity it is named Lupus, which is the Latin name for wolf.  It is also called "noli me tangere," touch me not. It occurs in a variety of forms, generally upon the face. It commences by slight thickening and elevation of the skin, usually not larger than a wheat grain. A thin, hard, brownish scab appears on its surface. The disease extends usually slowly, but sometimes very rapidly, and cases have occurred where the whole nose has been destroyed in a month. It is very rapacious, destroying even the bones in its progress.

TREATMENT. -- When it first makes its appearance it should be thoroughly destroyed with caustics, and healed by zinc ointment. At the same time, the alteratives should be given. My "Blood Purifier" (see page 469) is excellent for this purpose. Early institution of treatment will only prevent destruction of tissue.