Hard Rubber Syringe

The above syringe is very durable, being made of hard rubber. By inserting the appropriate tubes (furnished with it), it can be used as a rectum, vaginal or urethra syringe. This is the best article of the kind made, and we will send it by mail to any part of the country, packed securely from injury or observation in a nice paper box, on the receipt of price, $2.50. Price with only one tube, straight, male or female, as desired, $2.00.

Hard Rubber Vaginal Syringes

Every lady suffering from leucorrhoea, or female weakness, should possess one of these syringes. Various excellent decoctions, composed of healing herbal ingredients are given in these pages, which if injected according to directions (following at the same time my hygienic directions) will in the generality of cases effect a cure. Those desiring farther information may write a brief description of their case, and I will give farther advice by return mail. Price, prepaid by mail, $1.25.

Male Syringe

To parties desiring such an article, we offer this syringe as being the best in market. Price by mail, prepaid, 60 cents. We pack the above syringes securely in a nice box, entirely secure from observation.

Ear Syringe

Those desiring an ear syringe will find this an excellent one -- made of hard rubber it is easily cleansed and does not get out of order. Price, prepaid by mail, $1.25.

Breast Pump

This pump is of hard rubber -- cannot break easily or get out of order. Easily used and a superior article. Price, prepaid by mail, $3.00.

Hard Rubber Bed Urinal, No. 9

This urinal can be used without inconvenience by the invalid in bed, without the assistance of a nurse. First having the end of the rubber tube placed in the vessel under the bed, the urine will be conducted therein, suitable for either.

Rubber Air Cushions

The air cushion is one of the greatest luxuries of the age, greatly contributing to the comfort of invalids. Those offered are of the best quality and most desirable styles. Chair cushions (reeded), square or rounded , $6. Chair cushions (reeded) with back, $12. Carriage cushions, $8. Hospital cushions, $8.