This is characterized by profuse, prolonged, or too frequent menstruation, separately or conjoined. It is accompanied by headache, hot skin, full pulse, weight in the back, hips, loins, pelvis, etc. It is caused by hot rooms, abortions, leucorrhoea, falls, marital excesses, long walks, constipation, etc. The health gives way, the patient becomes bloodless, and exhaustion ensues upon the least exercise.

TREATMENT. -- This should be treated by wild cherry, gelsemin, unicorn root, beth root, and injections of a decoction of golden-seal, matico, and cinchona. If the hemorrhage is active, a strong decoction of tannin or cranesbill may be injected, and ten or fifteen grains of cayenne pepper administered. The oil of erigeron is also useful. Tonics should be given in relaxed condition of the system.