MEDICINAL PARTS. The tops and leaves.
    Description. -- This perennial plant has stems from two to five feet in height. The leaves are opposite, dark-green, rough, and downy. The flowers are purplish or whitish-red; calyx, rigid and bristly; corolla, purplish; anthers in pairs, and fruit an oblong achenium.
    History. -- Motherwort is an exotic plant, but extensively introduced into the United States, growing in fields and pastures, and flowering from May to September. It has a peculiar, aromatic, not disagreeable odor, and a slightly aromatic bitter taste. It yields its properties to water and alcohol.
    Properties and Uses. -- It is antispasmodic, emmenagogue, nervine, and laxative. In amenorrhoea from colds it is excellent, if given in warm infusion. It is very useful in hysteria, nervous complaints, pains peculiar to females, delirium tremens, wakefulness, liver affections, etc., etc. It is a very valuable remedy for many purposes, and deserves greater attention than it receives.
    Dose. -- Decoction, two to four ounces; extract, three to six grains.