This consists of chronic inflammation of the nostrils, with an uneasy feeling, heat, and stiffness of the nose, swelling of the mucous membrane, and an offensive discharge. The nostrils are sometimes closed, owing to the thickness of the membrane. The discharge is often quite purulent, or a yellowish or greenish color, or sanious, and tinged with blood. It is very frequently associated with ulceration, and caries or necrosis of the bone. The breath is usually extremely offensive, and the sense of smell is occasionally lost. It is frequently the result of scrofulous, scorbutic, or syphilitic taint, and is a serious and disgusting disease.

TREATMENT. -- The constitutional symptoms should receive special attention, and if owing to or connected with scrofulous or syphilitic taint the general treatment for those diseases should be given. The stomach and bowels should receive careful attention, the digestion being invigorated by alnuin, viburnin, etc. A salt water bath should be taken every morning to stimulate the emunctories. The vapors of tar, naphtha, astringent and narcotic herbs are very beneficial; an inhaling of mecca oil through an atomizer is successful and necessary in obstinate cases. Tonics, as quinine, etc., are necessary in some cases. Those persons who may wish the treatment to be directed by a competent physician, and who desire prompt relief and cure, may consult me, as I have given special attention to this disease, and have cured the most obstinate cases.