One of the most frequent sequels of pregnancy is a permanent relaxation of the abdominal muscles, more or less in degree. The abdomen becomes pendulous, occasioning great inconvenience, suffering, and often inducing malposition of the womb, and other affections.

The only way to remedy this relaxed condition is by artificial support, which is to be kept up until the muscles have again attained their full powers of contraction. Ladies are therefore in the habit of wearing bandages, though these but inadequately supply the necessary support, owing to the difficulty of proper application, so as to secure the equalization of pressure, and the stability of position, necessary. Mechanical appliances should only be used for the purpose of support. These are called abdominal supporters. Decidedly the best supporter is the one represented in the cut, an appliance so arranged as to supply the firmest support by means of elastic springs. It gives no uneasiness to the wearer; on the contrary it affords the most comfortable support, enabling the sufferer, who before could scarcely walk, to do so with the utmost facility, occasioning no pain or inconvenience. Supporters are absolutely necessary in all cases, as no medicinal treatment will overcome the relaxation, on account of the constant super-imposed pressure of the bowels. These supporters should also be worn in all cases of uterine misplacements, as they afford the greatest relief, and serve as an almost indispensable adjunct to the required medicinal treatment.

Another supporter, represented by the adjoining cut, is also a meritorious one, having many excellent qualities. It is especially well adapted to corpulent females. Equality of support under all circumstances is gained by an elastic band in the pad at front. These supporters are the result of thorough study as to the requirements of such appliances, and the author is convinced that they are the best articles for the purpose designed. Their many qualities will at once be apparent both to the professional man or to the patient. The measure required is the size around the lower part of the waist.