This is inflammation of the prostate gland. It usually accompanies gonorrhoea, but may exist independently. The discharge is similar to that of urethral inflammation, and when the result of chronic inflammation the discharge is called prostatorrhoea. The gland is frequently enlarged. Chronic inflammation is commonly brought on by gleet, stricture, horse exercise, etc., and is most frequently met with in advanced life, and disappears upon the removal of the cause. The gland is also enlarged in old persons -- a hypertrophy independent of inflammation. The bladder sympathizes, and becomes irritable; the urine is foetid, mucous, and its stains are often retained. It causes most intense suffering.

TREATMENT. -- Leeches, rest, counter-irritation, alteratives, laxatives, and enemata constitute the usual treatment. In hypertrophy of the organ, the usual treatment should be instituted. The medicinal treatment, as in stricture, is important, and should only be intrusted to those who fully understand the anatomy of the organ, and the pathology of the disease.