This consists of inflammation of the tonsils, which may in many cases extend to the adjacent tissues. It usually commences with a slight chill, followed by much febrile excitement, uneasy feeling in the throat, and difficulty of swallowing, which increases in severity very rapidly, until at last deglutition becomes almost impossible. There is a constant disposition to swallow, in order to free the fauces from a tenacious, colorless mucus which adheres to that part. The respiration is not much affected unless in bad cases. From the commencement there is fever, severe headache, and a rapid pulse. The termination is usually an abscess, which at length opens, and a discharge of very fetid pus ensues, which affords relief. The duration of the disease is usually about a week, and is scarcely ever fatal.

TREATMENT. -- Administer a free lobelia emetic, and anoint the throat thoroughly with the Herbal Ointment. In ordinary forms this will be sufficient. If an abscess, however, forms, it should be evacuated by an incision. In malarial districts, quinine in anti-periodic doses may be necessary, and if the fever is severe, veratrum should be given. The throat should be gargled with a decoction of golden seal, and to prevent termination into induration and permanent enlargement, alteratives should be given, especially in strumous habits.