For Fevers And Other Acute Diseases

No. 72. Asclepin, one-half drachm; warm water, four ounces; compound tincture of American hellebore, thirty drops. Dissolve the asclepin in the warm water, and afterwards add the hellebore.

Dose. -- From one to three teaspoonfuls once in every two hours as long as the fever is raging. If nausea occurs, omit the medicine until it subsides. Shake the mixture well before using.

Offensive Breath

No. 73. Solution chlorinated of soda, six drops; water, two ounces. Mix.

Use. -- A sure remedy for an offensive breath emanating from a deranged stomach.

Antidote For Rattlesnake Poison

No. 74. The Medical Journal says the following is an infallible cure for the poison of a rattlesnake bite. Iodide of potass, four grains; corrosive sublimate, two grains; bromine, five drachms. Mix together, and keep the mixture in a glass-stoppered vial, well secured.

For Cancer

No. 75. Take equal parts of fresh poke-weed, yellow dock, and blood-root; evaporate the juice by the means of a sand-bath to the consistency of tar. The ointment should be applied after the cuticle has been removed by a blister three times a day. The parts should be washed with good French brandy after each application of the ointment. Before this is used, the advice of a physician should first be secured.

For Hip Disease

No. 76. Take of iodine, one ounce; phosphate of lime, two ounces; water, one pint. Dissolve the iodine and lime in the water, and add twenty grains of tannin. Inject with a small syringe three or four times a day.

Use. -- A valuable injection in hip disease, where the head of the bone is decayed.

For Bruises

No. 77. Take pulv. slippery elm and pulv. indigo weed, each one pound; gum myrrh, half a pound, pulv. prickly ash, a quarter of a pound. Wet with good brewer's yeast and apply. A very good poultice for bruises.

For Diphtheria

No. 78. Saturated tincture of scrophularia, one drachm, added to half a tumbler of water.
 Triturated macrotin, twenty grains, added to a tumblerful of water.

Dose. -- One teaspoonful of each every hour.

Gargle For The Elongation Of The Uvula

No. 79. Fluid extract of rhus, one drachm; fluid extract of bayberry, two drachms; water, two ounces. Mix, and gargle the throat three or four times a day. Also bathe the throat upon the outside in strong salt and water. (See fluid extracts, page 475.)

For Bilious Colic

No. 80. Fluid extract of wild yam, two ounces; fluid extract of pleurisy root, one ounce. Mix, and take a teaspoonful as often as is required.

To Remove Warts And Corns

No. 81. Apply the juice of the leaves of the great celandine or tetter-wort, and keep applying until the fungous growth is removed.