For The Teeth

No. 82. Make charcoal of bread, pulverize it until it is reduced to an impalpable powder, then apply daily, morning and evening, with a soft brush and pure cold water.

A Good Medicated Wine

No. 83. Take of powdered colchicum seed, two ounces; of sherry wine, twelve fluid ounces. Put them together in a closed glass bottle, and let them stand for fourteen days, giving a good shaking every day. Filter through a fine muslin cloth, and drink as required.

Injection For Asiatic Cholera

No. 84. Take of water, one fluid ounce; tincture of prickly ash berries, one fluid drachm; tincture of opium, twenty drops. Mix together. Inject in ordinary quantity until the desired effect has been produced.

Bleeding At The Nose

No. 85. Powder of rhatany (for internal use), ten grains.

For Old Ulcers

No. 86. Take of red chickweed, which is common both in America and Europe, the leaves and flowers, and apply in the form of a poultice, frequently changing them.