Anti-Bilious Pill

No. 4. Aloes, pulverized, five ounces; fine, dry castile soap, half a drachm; gamboge, pulverized, one ounce; colocynth, one ounce; extract of gentian, one ounce; mandrake, one ounce; cayenne pepper, two ounces; oil of peppermint, half a drachm. Mix well.

Dose. -- Three to five pills.

An Expectorant

No. 5. For asthma and cough, to promote expectoration, and remove tightness of the chest, the following is a valuable compound preparation. Fluid extracts of skunk cabbage, one ounce; lobelia, one ounce; blood root, one ounce; pleurisy-root, one ounce; ginger, one ounce; water, one pint; alcohol, three pints.

Dose. -- Two to four teaspoonfuls. (See Fluid Extracts, pae 475.)

For Producing Sleep

No. 6. The following is a useful preparation for producing sleep, in wakeful or excited conditions, viz.: fluid extract of ladies' slipper, one ounce; fluid extract of pleurisy-root, one ounce; fluid extract of skunk cabbage, one ounce; fluid extract seull-cap, one ounce. Mix.

Dose. -- Half a drachm to a drachm three times a day.

For Sick And Nervous Headache

No. 7. For sick and nervous headache, dependent on an acid stomach, the following is useful: fluid extract of ladies' slipper, half an ounce; fluid extract of catnip, half an ounce; fluid extract of scull-cap, half an ounce; water, one pint.

Dose. -- One to three teaspoonfuls. Mix.

Tonic Tincture

No. 8. Old elder, four gallons; white oak bark, ten ounces; horse-radish root, one pound; seneca snake-root, six ounces; golden seal root, four ounces; cayenne pepper, two ounces; bruise all fine, add the cider, let stand for ten days, frequently shaking up the mixture in the meantime.

Dose. For an adult, half to two-thirds of a wineglassful, three times a day.