No. 26. Camphor, one grain, formed into a pill, followed by a draught of an ounce and a half of the infusion of hops, with five drops of sulphuric ether.

Chronic Rheumatism

No. 27. The remedies given below will be found generally useful:

First. -- Warm salt bath. When the pain is very severe at night, take tincture of guaiacum, one drachm; tincture of aloes, half a drachm; spirits of turpentine, thirty drops. Mix, and take in a pint of gruel at bedtime.

Second. -- Should the pains continue very severe, give the following: Aloes, half a scruple; opium, three grains; syrup of buckthorn sufficient to form a pill mass. Mix, and make three pills; one at bedtime.

Third. -- Compound powder of ipecacuanha, eight grains; camphor mixture, one and a half ounces. Mix, and give a draught every night.

Fourth. -- Take wine of colchicum seeds, one ounce; give from ten to twenty drops in gruel or water three times a day, with one of the following pills: sulphate of quinia, twenty-four grains; and syrup sufficient to form into twelve pilles, or:

Fifth. -- Iodide of potassium, one drachm; distilled water, two ounces.

Mix, and give a teaspoonful in a wine-glass of water -- morning, noon, and night. This seldom ever fails to give relief.

Remedy For Bowel Complaint

No. 28. Rhubarb, pulverized, one ounce; saleratus, one teaspoonful; pour on a pint of boiling water. When cold, add a tablespoonful of essence of peppermint.

Dose. -- From one to three tablespoonfuls two or three times a day.

Worm Mixture

No. 29. Populin, one drachm; santonine, twenty grains; tincture of pink root, four ounces; neutralizing mixture, one pint. Rub the santonine in the neutralizing mixture, until thoroughly mixed, then add the other ingredients. Excellent for removing worms in children.

Dose. -- From thirty to forty drops every half hour, until it acts on the bowels as a purge. If the worms are not removed, repeat every two or three days: but be cautious to get good pink root, as much of the plant sold for pink root by the druggists is poisonous. This is inferior, however, to my "Male Fern Vermifuge," see page 471.

Painful Menstruation

No. 30. Extract of hyoscyamus, gum camphor, and Dover's powder, of each one scruple. Mix, and make into twenty pills.

Dose. -- One pill twice a day for painful menstruation.

Stomach Pill

No. 31. -- Pulverized rhubarb, and guaiacum, of each eight grains; galbanum, two grains; ipecacuanha, two grains. Mix, and make eight pills.

Dose. -- Take one or two pills, night and morning. Excellent for a weak stomach, and a bilious condition.

Bronchial Troches (For Temporary Relief)

No. 32. Extract of liquorice, one pound; sugar, one and a half pounds; cubebs, four ounces; gum arabic, four ounces; all pulverized; extract of conium, one ounce. Mix, and take a piece as big as a pea and dissolve it in the mouth, several times a day; rubbing the neck three times a day with the "Herbal Ointment."