No. 33. Syrup of orange peel, one ounce; acetate of morphia, two grains; tincture of cinnamon, six drachms; tincture of cardamom, two drachms. Mix.

Dose. -- A teaspoonful. Valuable in diarrhoea.


No. 34. Tincture of American hellebore, one drachm; tincture of black cohosh, two ounces. Mix.

Dose. -- One teaspoonful, from three to six times a day.

Pile Ointment

No. 35.  Extract of stramonium, one ounce; extract of tobacco, one ounce; tannin, ten grains. Make an ointment, and bathe or lubricate the parts, if you cannot at once get the "Herbal Ointment."

Dose. -- One teaspoonful, from three to six times a day.

Stomachic Pill

No. 36. Powdered cayenne pepper, one drachm; rhubarb, two drachms. Make into a mass with syrup, and divide into sixty pills.

Dose. -- Two to three every day, an hour before dinner.

Aromatic Bitters (Stimulant)

No. 37. First. -- ABSINTHIUM (Wormwood). Infuse one ounce in twenty ounces of water.

Dose. -- From a half to two tablespoonfuls.

Use. -- In debilitated state of the digestive organs.

Second. -- ACORUS--Calamus (Sweet flag root). Infuse one ounce in twenty ounces of water. Joined with other tonics.

Use. -- In uneasiness from flatulence.

Tonic Tea (Debility)

No. 38.  Chamomile, scull-cap, and queen of the meadow, each one pound. Reduce them to powder, and mix well together.

Dose. -- To one tablespoonful of this powder add one pint of water; make a tea, and drink during the day. This is a good tonic in all cases of debility.

Spiced Bitters (For Weak Patients.)

No. 39. Poplar bark, ten pounds; bayberry bark, two pounds; balmony bark, two pounds; golden seal, one pound; cloves, one pound; cayenne pepper, half a pound; loaf sugar, sixteen pounds.

Let these articles all be made fine and well mixed. Put a tablespoonful of this compound, with four ounces of sugar, into a quart of boiling water. Take a wineglassful three times a day before eating, or a teaspoonful of these powders may be taken in a cup of hot water,  half an hour before each meal.

Tonic (For Chlorosis, Or Green Sickness.)

No. 40. Sulphate of quinia, fifteen grains; diluted sulphuric acid, fifteen drops; compound tincture of cardamom, three drachms; tincture of hops, three drachms; compound infusion of roses, six ounces. Mix.

Dose. -- A teaspoonful two or three times a day.

Whooping Cough Mixture

No. 41. Tincture of blood-root, one ounce; tincture of red root; two ounces; tincture of black cohosh, one ounce; tincture of lobelia, half an ounce; tincture of belladonna, twenty drops. Mix, and shake well before using.

Dose. -- For a child one year old, fifteen or twenty drops in sweetened water. The fluid extracts (see page 475) can be used instead of the tinctures.  Dose, when fluid extracts are used, three to five drops.