In the following pages will be found a variety of recipes, applicable to many diseases and afflictions for which symptomatic treatment is all that is required. They will be found to be very valuable for domestic treatment. They are not all strictly herbal, but essentially eclectic, so as to be easily prepared and the ingredients readily procured. Nothing capable of harm is, however, admitted, -- the few mineral substances that are prescribed being only inserted for therapeutic effects, in consequence of their vegetable analogues being hard to procure or difficult to prepare. Availability was studied more than scientific arrangement, though the merit of each is retained. For handy recipes, therefore, the following are sufficiently diversified for a wide range of application.

In complicated cases, or in diseases requiring systematic treatment, recipes are not to be depended upon. Such cases, of course, require treatment in accordance with the demands of the pathological conditions observed in the disease, and which should in all cases be directed by a competent physician. The remedies, for which the recipes are given in this connection, are designed merely for diseases or affections not ordinarily grave in character, or which do not require more than simple medication. Those desiring to make use of them should have them prepared by a druggist, if they do not have the necessary pharmaceutical appliances to insure correct weight, quantity, mixture, division, etc. The purity and worth of the article are also to be ascertained before being administered.