This is characterized by irregular contractions of the voluntary muscles, especially of the face and limbs, there being incomplete subserviency of these muscles to the will. It is a disease which usually occurs before puberty, and is generally connected with torpor of the system and of the digestive organs in particular. The spasms do not continue during sleep, and often, by a strong effort of the will, they can in a measure be controlled. Its duration is long, but usually devoid of danger, unless it merges into organic disease of the nervous centres, or of the heart, or into epilepsy.

TREATMENT. -- The general system should be strengthened, and the intestinal canal stimulated. Purgatives once or twice a week, with appropriate regimen, will fulfil these. A mild purgative, like the "Renovating Pill," should be used. The decoction of scull-cap and ladies'-slipper is very beneficial. It is cured in a short time by my "Restorative Assimilant."