This is chiefly confined to the neck of the organ, occurring most frequently in those who have borne children. It is caused by excesses in married life, imprudence during menstruation, as standing, walking, lifting, etc., and very often premature efforts after abortion or labor. There is always more or less discharge associated with ulceration, which in quality is mucous, purulent, or starchy, and in color, milky, greenish, yellowish, or brownish,- often tenacious masses of mucus, like starch, come away. It affects the general health similarly to leucorrhoea.

TREATMENT. -- Rest should be observed, and marital excesses abandoned. The treatment for leucorrhoea should be instituted. Vaginal injections of red-raspberry leaves and golden-seal prove very beneficial in this disease. The constitutional treatment in this disease is more important than any local applications, and should take precedence.