This is characterized by loss of appetite, febrile symptoms, at first, followed by a bright red eruption of a smarting or burning sensation. In the centre of this eruption, minute vesicles appear, which gradually enlarge in blisters in the shape of bubbles and contain a watery fluid. They vary in size from a split pea to that of a hen's egg, and rise very rapidly, and break in a few days, leaving a raw surface, which soon becomes covered with a crust.

TREATMENT. -- The surface of the body should be bathed, and the bowels opened by a gentle purge. The inflamed surface should be covered by a slippery-elm poultice, and be kept moist with tincture of lobelia. When the constitution is feeble, quinine, alnuin, etc., should be given. The diet should receive especial attention, and out-door exercise enjoyed.