Magnesia Phos

Sleeplessness after exhaustion or lack of brain nutrition. (J. C. Morgan.) Insomnia from nervousness and emotions.

Ferrum Phos

Insomnia from hyperaemic conditions. A beautiful hypnotic, but those who usually sleep well are kept awake by it. Restless at night, anxious dreams. Drowsiness in the afternoon.

Kali Mur

Startled at the least noise. Somnolence, restless sleep.

Kali Phos

Sleeplessness after worry, excitement, business troubles, and from nervous causes generally. Sleepless from overexertion. Often accompanied by irritability, great despondency and frequent urination. The true remedy restores normal stimulating power in the gray nervous matter, and consequent contraction of the arteries, which diminish the flow of blood to the brain, and natural healthful sleep results. Sometimes a course of this remedy is needed. Somnambulism of children requires a steady course of this remedy. Yawning, stretching and weariness. Constant dreaming of fire, robbers, of falling, of ghosts, etc. Night terrors of children, awaking from sound sleep, screaming with fright. Lascivious dreams. Twitching of muscles on falling asleep.

Natrum Phos

Drowsy feeling, yet not sleepy.

Kali Sulph

Very vivid dreams.

Natrum Mur

Excessive sleep traced to an excess of moisture in the brain substance. Sleepiness, the natural amount of sleep is unrefreshing. Constant and excessive desire to sleep. Drowsiness, saliva dribbles from the month. Sleeplessness with great nervous irritability, associated with coldness of legs. Sleep restless and setting in late - frequent starting during sleep.

Natrum Sulph

Drowsiness often the precursor of jaundice, when there exist a grayish or brownish-green coated tongue and other bilious symptoms. Awakened by asthma.

Calcarea Fluor

Vivid dreams, not unpleasant, but with sense of impending danger, death, of new scenes, places, etc.

Calcarea Phos

Drowsiness in old people, with gloomy thoughts, hard to wake in morning, constant stretching and yawning, children cry out at night.

Clinical Cases. Kali Phos. In Sleeplessness

Mr. S., aged 51 years, had been sick five weeks with what the doctors called typhoid fever. He had been running down for nearly [wo years. He had lost nearly all of his strength and flesh and could not sleep, even though he had taken all of the old remedies When I was called he was badly alarmed and very nervous. During his sickness he had had a great deal of headache and depression of spirits. His tongue was coated a dark brown, and bis breath was very offensive. He complained of a "gone sensation" in his stomach. The stools were putrid and foul, with considerable flatulence.

His fever did not run high, and varied about two degrees from morning to night. 1 gave Kali phos, for the sleeplessness and nervousness, and Ferrum phos. for the fever. The result was he slept well from the first and wanted to know what he took. I experimented some by nut giving it every day, and I found that he could not rest without it. It proved to be the remedy for him. (O. A. Palmer, M. D).

"Mrs. C. says when she has a severe pain in back of neck and head, and so nervous she could not allow any one to talk to her, could not lie still or sleep, one powder of Kali phos. would relieve her in a few minutes, and she would sleep as if she had taken morphia, and would feel sleepy for the entire day and night following the dose." Dr. J. C. Nothingham, who prescribed the Kali phos.. believes the symptoms were due to sexual excesses. - Medical Advance.

A gentleman, who has suffered from great sleeplessness, depression and occasional tendencies to suicidal mania, writes: I do not know how to thank you for the medicine you gave me; it has done me so much good. I have taken the Kali phos. and occasional doses of Kali mur. very faithfully, and will continue to do so, as it keeps me right. (From Schussler).

Mrs. W., set. 60, much sleeplessness with great nervous irritability and coldness of extremities for three months. She cannot keep them warm in any manner, coldness is subjective, but not objective. Natrum. mur. 6th trit. promptly cured the insomnia, '•soothed her nerves," and cured the other symptoms. (J. C. Burnett, M. D).

I have treated many cases of that affection with Magnes. phos. 3x tt., where I suspected the cause to be of a nervous origin. Generally a good dose of that medicine in two or three tnblespoonfuls of water, teaspoonftil doses every four or five minutes, overcame the difficulty after half a dozen teaspoonfuls have been taken. (E. A. de Cailhol, M. D).