Calc. sulph.. Kali mur., Silicea, Kali sulph.

After Quinine, Neuralgia

Natr. mur.

Aggravation Of Face Symptoms At Night

Calc. phos.

Anaemic Face

Calc. phos.

Blotched Face

Natr. phos.

Bluish Face

Natr. phos.

Caries Of Lower Jaw


Swelling Of Cheeks

Calc. sulph.. Kali mur.

Hard swelling of; Cale.fluor.

Hot and sore: Ferr. phos.

Eruptions On Chin

Natr. mur. 23

Chlorotic Face

Calc. phos., Ferr. phos.

Cold Sores On Lips, Small

Calc.fluor., Natr. mur.

Cold Applications Relieve

Ferr. phos.

Complexion. (See Face).

Contortions From Loss Of Power Of Facial Muscles

Kali phos.

Countenance, Hippocratic

Kali phos.

Cracking Of Skin Of Face


Cutting Pains In Face

Magnes. phos.

Dirty Look To Face

Calc. phos.

Earthy Face

Calc. phos., Silicea, Ferr. phos.


Kali sulph.

Eruptions, Herpetic

Calc. sulph.

Sycotic: Natr. mur., Silicea.

Eyes, Sunken, Hollow

Kali phos.

Face, Anaemic

Calc. phos., Ferr. phos.

Blotched and bluish: Natr. phos.

Burping: Kali phos.

Chlorotic: Calc. phos., Ferr. phos.

Covered with vesicles: Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.

Cracked: Silicea.

Dirty-looking: Calc. phos.

Earthy: Calc. phos., Natr. mur., Ferr. phos., Silicea.

Features distorted: Kali sulph., Kali phos.

Florid: Natr. phos., Ferr. phos.

Flushed: Ferr. phos.

Full of pimples: Calc. phos., Silicea, Natr. sulph., Kali phos. if matter forms: Calc. sulph.

Greasy: Calc. phos., Natr. mur.

Greenish-white: Calc. phos.

Herpetic eruptions on: Calc. sulph.

Itches: Natr. mur., Kali phos.

Jaundiced: Natr. sulph.

Leaden: Natr. mur.

Livid: Kali phos.

Pale: Kali phos., Silicea, Natr. sulph., Natr. mur., Natr. phos., Calc. phos., Kali sulph., Ferr. phos.

Pimples on: Kali phos.

Prominent parts cold: Calc. phos.

Pustules on: Calc. sulph., Kali phos. forehead: Natr. mur.

Face, Red

Natr. phos., Kaliphos., Ferr. phos. red, with distorted features: Kali sulph. sallow: Kali phos., Natr. mur., Natr. sulph., Calc. phos., Ferr, phos. sickly and sunken.

Kali phos. sweats while eating: Natr. mur., Kali phos.

Cold: Calc. phos. swelling of: Kali mur. vesicles over: Natr. sulph. waxy: Calc. phos. white about nose: Natr. mur. yellowish: Calc. phos., Natr. sulph.. Kali phos.

Faceache, Aggravated When Body Gets Cold

Magnes. phos. on right side: Magnes. phos. after going to bed: Magnes. phos. in heated room: Kali sulph. in the evening: Kali sulph. on moving: Ferr. phos. ameliorated in cool open air: Kali sulph.

Cold applications: Kali phos., Ferr. phos. by warmth: Magnes. phos., Silica. from swelling: Kali mur. in superior maxillary bone: Calc. phos. right side of lower jaw: Natr. phos. neuralgic: Kalimur., Kali phos.. Natr. phos. pain in zygoma: Natr. sulph. with constipation: Natr. mur. coldness of nape: Ferr. phos. great exhaustion: Kali phos. flushing: Ferr. phos. lumps or nodules on face: Silicea.

Falling Out Of Whiskers

Natr. mur.

Pustular Eruptiou On Forehead

Natr. mur.


Calc. phos.

Greasy-Looking Face

Calc. phos.

Greenish-White Face

Calc. phos.

Hard-Swelling On The Cheek

Calc. fiuor.

Jawbone: Calc. fluor.

Heated Room Aggravates Faceache

Kali sulph.

Herpetic Eruptions On Face

Calc. sulph., Natr. mur.

Hippocratic Countenance


Hot Cheeks

Ferr. phos.

Induration Of Cellular Tissues Of Face


Inflammatory Neuralgia

Ferr. phos.

Itching Of Face

Natr. mur., Kali phos.

Jaundiced Face

Natr. sulph.

Caries Of Jawbone


Hard swelling on: Calc.fluor.

Necrosis of: Silicea.

Jerking Pains In Face

Magnes. phos.

Lachrymation With Neuralgia

Natr. mur.

Leaden Face

Natr. mur.

Cold Sores On Lips

Calc.fluor., Natr. mur.

Hydroa on: Kali phos., Natr. mur.

Skin peeling off: Kali phos., Kali sulph.

Lower, swollen: Kali sulph.

Tumors on: Silicea.

White: Kali sulph.

Upper, swollen and painful: Calc. phos.

Livid Face

Kali phos.

Loss Of Power Of Facial Muscles

Kali phos.

Lumps Or Nodules On Face



Silicea, Calc. phos.

Necrosis Of Jawbone


Neuralgia, After Quinine

Natr. mur.

(See also Faceache.) Pain aggravated after going to bed: Magpies, phos.

Cutting: Magnes. phos.

In cheeks: Kali mur.

In superior maxillary bone: Calc. phos., Kali phos.

Jerking: Magnes. phos.

Like lightning: Magnes. phos.

Pressing: Ferr. phos.

Relieved by warmth: Magnes. phos. cold: Kali phos.

Throbbing: Ferr. phos.

Pale Face

Kali phos., Kali sulph., Natr. phos., Silicea, Natr.

Mur., Natr. sulph., Calc. phos.

Pimples And Pustules On Face

Calc. phos., Calc. sulph., Kali mur., Natr. sulph., Natr. mur.


Magnes, phos., Natr. phos.

Rheumatism In Face

Cole. phos.

Red Face

Natr. phos., Ferr. phos., Kali phos.

Sallow Face

Kaliphos., Natr. mur., Natr. suiph., Calc. phos.

Sickly Face

Kali phos., Calc. phos.

Skin Of Face Cracks


Sores, Cold

Calc. fluor., Natrum mur.

Cheeks: Ferr. phos.

Herpetic, hard, on lips: Calc. fluor.

Spasmodic Neuralgia


Sunken Face

Kali phos.

Suppuration Of Cheek Threatens

Calc. sulph.

Pain In Superior Maxillary Bone

Calc. phos.

Sweating While Eating

Natr. mur.. Kali phos.

Cold, On Sweat

Calc. phos.

Swelling Of Cheeks

Kali mur. hard: Calc. fluor.

Jawbone: Calc. fluor.

Parotid gland: Calc. phos.

Submaxillary Gland

Calc. phos.

Upper lip: Calc. phos.


Natr. mur., Silicea.

Throbbing Of Face

Ferr. phos.

Tic Douloureux

Ferr. phos.

Vesicles On Face

Natrum mur., Natr. sulph.

Warmth Relieves Faceache

Magnes. phos.

Whiskers Fall Out

Natr. mur.

White About Nose

Natr. phos. Yellowish face: Calc. phos., Natr. sulph., Kali phos.