Ferrum Phos

Initiatory stage with the febrile symptoms.

Kali Mur

This remedy alone will cure, unless there is fever.

Natrum Mur

With much saliva or swelling of the testicles occurring as a metastasis with mumps.

Clinical Cases

I have treated, during the past year, at least a dozen cases of mumps, and I have never had such satisfactory results with other remedies Due case had violent fever, even to delirium, great deal of swelling, pain, etc. The fever was entirely reduced within live or six hours, and the swelling and all the other symptoms were entirely relieved, within three or four days, by the alternate use of Ferrum phos. and Kali mur. Two cases in one family, with similar conditions, were in a like manner treated with the same results (S. Powell Burdick, M. D).