See also Special Fevers.

Ferrum Pbos

Catarrhal fevers with quickened pulse. Feverishness in all stages, all inflammatory fevers, rheumatic, etc., the chief remedy. "The most beneficial results have been obtained from its use in the prevention of traumatic fever." Synochal fevers. Chill every day at 1 p. M. Dry heat of palms, face, throat and chest.

Kali Mur

With constipation and a thick white fur on the tongue. Catarrhal fever, great chilliness, the least cold air chills him through, has to sit close to the fire to keep warm and still is chilly. Better covered up in bed. (Holbrook).

Kali Sulph

When the blood heat rises in the evening it assists in producing perspiration, and warm coverings should frequently be applied and this remedy given very frequently. Also fevers from blood-poisoning.

Natrum Mur

Hay fever with watery discharge from the eyes and nose.

Kali Phos

Nervous fevers, high temperature, quick and irregular pulse, nervous excitement or great weakness and depression. In fevers of low type, dry mouth, sordes on the teeth and delirium, this remedy has produced the grandest results. (Meadow).

Clinical Cases

M. L.. a gentleman, set. 38, took a chill while in a state of perspiration. He suffered in consequence from tearing pains in the limbs, noises in the ears, with dulness of hearing and frontal headache. These pains were accompanied by fever; and although he had night-sweats, they brought no relief. The appetite was poor and the tongue covered with a white coating. I gave a small quantity of Kali mur. in water every two hours. A rapid general improvement set in, but pain and numbness in the feet were still present. Also the habitual perspiration of the feet was still absent. At this stage the patient received Silicea, two doses daily for a week. Perspiration of feet was re-established, and on the reappearance of this the rest of the ailments left him, and health was quite restored. (From Schussler).

Dr. G. H. Martin reports a case of high fever (104o), general exhaustion, lameness in muscles, headache and diminished appetite, in which he prescribed Ferrum phos. 12x, which did no good, the patient declaring the following day that his symptoms were worse. Ferrum phos. 6x, which was then prescribed, caused an immediate improvement.