Twenty Different Recipes For Amatisara

(i) Deva-daru, Vacha, Musta, Nagara, Ativisha and Abhaya ; or of (2) Kalinga (Indra-yava), Ativisha, Hingu, Sauvarchala-salt, Vacha and Abhaya, or of (3) Abhaya (D. R.-Nagara), Dhauyaka, Musta, Valaka and Vilva; or of (4) Musta, Parpataka, S'unthi, Vacha, Ativisha and Abhaya; or of (5) Abhaya, Ativisha, Hingu, Vacha, and Sauvarchala-salt; or of (6) Chitraka, Pippali-mula, Vacha, Katuka-rohini, or of (7) Patha, Vatsaka-seeds(Indra-yava), Haritaki and Mahaushadha (Sunthi), or of (8) Murva, Nirdahani, (Chitraka), Patha, Tryushana (Tri-katu) and Gaja-pippali; or of (9) Siddharthaka, Phadra-daru, S'atahva and Katu-rohini; or of (10) Eld, Savaraka (Lodhra), Kushtha, the two sorts of Haridra, Kutaja-seeds (Indra-yava); or of (11) Mesha-s'ringi, Tvak, Ela, Krimighna(Vidanga) and Vrikshaka (Indra-yava); or of (12) Brikshadani, Virataru, the two kinds of Vrihati and the two kinds of Saha (Mudga-parni and Masha-parni); or of (13) barks of Eranda, Tinduka, Dadima, Kutaja and of S'ami or of (14) Patha, Tejovati, Musta, Pippali and Indra-yava; or of (15) Patola, Dipyaka (Yamani), Vilva, the two kinds of Haridra and Deva-daru; or of (16) Vidanga, Abhaya, Patha, S'ringavera, Ghana (Musta) and Vacha; or of (17) Vacha,

Vatsaka-seeds (Indra-yava), Saindhava and Katu-rohini ; or of (18) Hingu, Vatsaka-seeds (Indra-yava), Vacha and dried green Vilva; or of (19) Nagara, Ativisha, Musta, the two kinds of Pippali and Vatsaka-seeds (Indra-yava) ; or of (20) Mahaushadha, Prati-visha and Musta, - these are the Twenty different recipes of the remedies which are digestive (cf the mucous accumulations) in cases of Ama-Atisara and should be administered (in the shape of powder) with Dhanyamla (Kanjika), tepid water or wine, or their decoctions in hike-warm state should be used. This is a detailed list of the best remedies in cases of Ama-Atisara. 20.

A compound of Haritaki, Ativisha, Hingu, Sau-varchala and Vacha should be taken with tepid water in cases of Ama-Atisaras. Similarly a compound of Patola, Yamani, Vis'va, Vacha,Pippali, Nagara, Musta, Vidanga, and Kushtha, or that of S'unthi and Guduchi should be taken with tepid water. 21-23.

The five following compounds separately composed (1) of all kinds of officinal salt, Pippali, Vidanga and Haritaki; or of (2) Chitraka, S'ims'apa, Patha, S'arn-gas/itd, and all kinds of officinal salt ; or of (3) Hingu, Vrikshaka-seeds (Indra-yava) and all kinds of officinal salt taken in equal parts; or (4) of Naga-danti and Pippali, weighing two Tolas; or (5) of Vacha and Guduchi-stems, would be found beneficial, if taken with tepid water. Twenty Musta, should be boiled in a quantity of milk and thrice as much water. The milk which is left back after all the water is evaporated by boiling, should be used for the relief of the griping (Sula) due to the accumulation of mucus (Ama) in the intestines. 24-25.

Clarified butter mixed with Saindhava-salt and Yava-kshara should be given to a patient of weak digestive pewer in a case in which the Vayu has not been restored to its normal condition in spite of the subsidence of the intestinal Sula (griping) and which is marked by scanty (but repeated) motions passed with pain. The Ghrita duly cooked with Nagara, Changeri and Kola (Yadara) and with milk *, curd (Dadhi) and Amla (Kanjika), or simply the transparent part of clarified butter should be taken as a relief for Atisara attended with Sula (pain). In the alternative, clarified butter mixed with (an equal quantity of) oil and duly cooked with curd, together with a paste of Tri-katu, Jati (flower) and Chitraka, or with that of Pippali-mula, Vilva, Dadima-bark and Kushtha should be given. All these arc the remedies to be employed in a type of Atisara due to the action of Vata or of Sleshma; and all the foregoing remedies with the exception of those of keen and heat-making potency, may be used in the Pittaja type of the disease. 26 - 27.

Fasting as already advised should be first observed and it should be broken with gruels (Yavagu) duly cooked with the two kinds Vala, or with Ams's-mati, or S'vadamshtra and Vrihati, or S'atavari made cold and mixed with honey. The soup (Yusha) of Mudga duly cooked with the drugs of appetising virtue, or with mild and bitter drugs of appetising property would cure (the Dosha in) the acute stage (Ama-dosha) of the stool. Decoctions of Haridra, Ativisha, Patha, Vatsa-seeds (Indra-yava) and Rasanjana: or of Rasanjana, the two kinds of Haridra and Kutaja-seeds (Indra-yava; or of Patha, Guduchi, Bhu-nimba and Katu-rohini would prove extremly useful in correcting (Pachana) the deranged Pitta. 28 - 29.

* We have tha recipe of this Ghrita in Charaka Samhita also. But there we find Kshara in place of Kshira and that appears to be the better reading. See Chapter XIX (Management Or Nursing Of A Patient With An Ulcer Etc. (Vranito-Parsaniya-Madhyayam)), - under Changed Ghrita, Charaka Samhila.