Putapaka Preparations

A case of long-standing (chronic) Atisara marked by stools oi various colours and a keen digestion but unattended with any sort of pain or complication should be remedied with medicines prepared in the maner of Puta-paka preparation (described below). The barks of Dirgha-vrinta {S'yonaka), and polens of lotus should be pasted together and wrapped up in leaves of Kas'mari or of Padma (lotus) with their ends tied with string or thread (D. R. - Kusa). The cover should be then coated with a plaster of clay and duly scorched in the fire of (smokeless) charcoal (of Khadiar). When well cooked, it should be taken out and the juice, squeezed out of its contents. This juice should be cooled and administered in combination with honey in a case of Atisara. Similar preparations of the drugs known as Jivanti and Meslia-s'ringi, etc., may also be used in the same way. The skin of a Tittira bird should be peeled off and a paste of the drugs of the Nyagrodhadi group should be stuffed into its belly after it has been previously drawn. After this it should be duly stitched up and cooked (scorched) in the fire in the above manner. The juice should then be squeezed out therefrom and administered, when cool, with the admixture of honey and sugar in a case of Atisara. The drugs known as Lodhra, Chandana, Yashti-madhu, Darvi, Pdthd, Sita (sugar), Utpala and the barks of Dirgha-vrinta pasted together with the washings of rice should be duly scorched in the fire in the above manner (of a Puta-paka). The juice pressed out of its contents and taken with honey, when cold, proves curative in cases of Atisara due to the action of the deranged Pitta and Kapha. Similar preparations may be made of the aerial roots of Vata, etc., and may be advantageously prescribed with the soup of the flesh of any Jangala bird (such as Tittira, Kapinjala, etc ,). 43-47.

The Kutaja-bark taken with treacle would cure perforce the long-standing cases of Atisara attended with blood and marked by the diminished action of the bodily Vayu but a predominant action of the deranged Kapha. The drugs of the Ambashtadi group as well as those of the Pippalyadi group taken with honey would be similarly beneficial. 48-49

A Peya duly prepared with the admixture of Pris'ni-parni, Bala, Vilva (D. R. Vis'va), Balaka, Utpala, Dhanyaka and Nagara, should be taken by a patient suffering from Atisara. A case of Pakvatisara would yield to the curative efficacy of a light medicinal gruel (Yavagu) duly prepared with the admixture of the paste of S'yonaka-bark, Priyangu, Yashti-madhu, and tender sprouts of Dadima pasted together with curd. A case of Atisara attended with blood and colic (Sula) would be readily cured by the use of Rasanjana, Ativisha, Dhataki, Nagara and the bark and seeds of Kutaja taken with honey and the washings of rice. 50 - 52.

Yashti-madhu, (dried) green Viha-iruit mixed with honey and sugar, or particles of S'ali and Shashtika rice (administered with the same drugs) would prove curative in a case of Atisara. Badari-roots pasted with honey should be given to be licked with the same result. Parks of Badari, Arjuna, Jambu, Amra, S'allaki and Vetasa taken with honey and sugar would cure a case of Atisara. Gruels (Yavagu), Mandas (thick gruel squeezed through a piece of linen) and Yusha (soup) may also be duly prepared with the admixture of these drugs, and in a case marked by excessive thirst, the water for drinking should be prepared by duly boiling these drugs. The cold infusion of * S'almali-stems kept in the open night in an equal quantity of water. In the morning the water should be passed through a piece of linen. Four-Paia-weight of this water mixed with a Karsha weight of Washti-madhu and honey should be taken.

* Powders of S'almali stem should he kept immersed for whole space for a whole night, may be given good with good results as a drink in combination with Yasthi-madhu and honey. 53 - 54.