Use Of Milk In Atisara

Milk should be given in a case of Atisara marked by the suppression of stool and Vayu and attended with griping (Sula), constant scanty motions, symptoms of Rakta-pitta and thirst. Milk is ambrosia itself in such a case of Atisara (Dysentery), and in long-standing cases the milk to be taken should be duly boiled with thrice as much water. This would remove the remnant, if any, of the Dosha involved and is, therefore, considered as the best remedy in such cases. Oily purgatives and application of Pich-chila-Vasti (slimy intestinal injections) as well as the medicated Ghrita duly prepared with the expressed juice of the barks of slimy trees, e. g., S'yona, S'almali, etc., are beneficial under the circumstances (in chronic or longstanding cases). 56.

Draughts of clarified butter duly prepared with the tender sprouts of the Kshiri trees and mixed with honey and sugar (as an after-throw) should be taken in a case of Atisara marked with a discharge of blood before or after the passing of the stool and with a cutting pain (in the region of the anus). Draughts of medicated clarified butter duly prepared with the barks of Deva-daru, and with Pippali, S'unthi, Laksha, Indra-yava, and Bhadra-rohini (Katuka) administered through the medium of any kind of Peya, would prove highly efficacious in a case of Tri-doshaja Atisara of severe type. 57-58.

Exhibition of emetics or vomiting is an excellent remedy in a case of Atisara marked by heaviness (in the abdomen) and the predominance of the deranged bodily Kapha. A case attended with fever, burning sensation and suppression of stool and marked by an aggravation of Vayu should be treated as a case of Rakta-pitta. Intestinal injections with urine-purifying (Mutra-Sodhana) drugs should be speedily administered in the manner of an Asthapana or Anuvasana Vasti, as the occasion might arise, in a case marked by an excessive accumulation of the deranged bodily Doshas in the affected Locality as well as by the suppression (of stool) during the mature stage of the disease. 59-60.

Intestinal injections consisting of oil or clarified butter duly cooked and prepared with the drugs of sweet and acid tastes should be applied in the manner of an Anuvasana Vasti in a case marked by the protrusion of the bowel through violent and excessive straining and by painful obstruction of urine (Mutraghata) and pain in the waist. Pitta-subduing washes, and iujec-tions prepared with the Pitta-subduing drugs and applied in the manner of Anuvasana Vasti, are the remedies in a case marked by the suppuration of the anus due to the aggravation of Pitta in an injudicious or intemperate patient. Anuvasana Vasti charged with oil duly cooked with wine, Villa and Dadhi-manda should be applied in a case of Atisara marked by the aggravation of the deranged bodily Vayu, and milk duly boiled and cooked with the admixture of Kachchurd-roots should be given to drink. 61-63.

Pichchha-Vasti should be applied (into the rectum) in a case of Atisara marked by painful and frequent emission of blood, though in scanty quantities at a time, and by an entire suppression of Vayu (flatus). An atonic condition of the anus results from a longstanding attack of Atisara which should, therefore, be remedied by rubbing the part with oil. 64-65.

Diet: - The diet of the patient suffering from Atisara should be prepared with the admixture of Kapittha, S'almali, Phanji (a kind of Patha), Vana-Karpasi (D. R. Vata and Karpasi), Dadima, Yuthika, Kachchhura, S'elu, S'ana, Chuchchu, Dadhi (curd), S'ala-parni, Pris'niparni, Vrihati, Kanta-karika, Vala, S'vad-amstra, Vilva, Patha, Nagar a and Dhanyaka and may also consists of the pastes of sesamum and Mudga pulse or of Mudga soup. 66.