Causes And Symptoms Of Raktatisara

The bodily Pitta of a person already suffering from an attack of Pittaja-Atisara is further deranged and aggravated, if Pitta-generating eatables are taken, and ushers in the discharge of blood with stool accompanied by fever, burning sensation, thirst, gripings (Sula) and excessive suppuration (inflamation) of the anus (Guda). The above are the characteristics of the Raktati-sara. 67.

Treatment: - Draughts of milk duly boiled and cooked with the leaves of Vata, etc. (those included within the Nyagrodhadi group) should be given with clarified butter, or with sugar and honey in a case marked by a discharge of blood before or after motions; or the butter prepared by stirring the preceding preparation of milk should be taken ; and draught of the Takra (thus prepared) should be taken as an after-potion. The discharge of blood (in a case of Atisara) may be stopped by a potion consisting of the barks of Piyala, S'dlmali, Plaksha, S'allaki, and of Tinis'a pasted together with milk and mixed with honey. The same result is obtained by administering the milk of a shegoat with a paste of Yashti-madhu, sugar, Lodhra, Payasya (Arkapushpi) and Darvi and mixed with honey, or with a paste (or powder) of Manjishtha, S'ariva, Lodhra, Padmaka, Kumuda, Utpala and Padma (Bhargi. 68-71

Sugar, Utpala, Lodhra, Samanga, Yashti-madhu and Tila ; or Tila, Mocha-rasa and Lodhra ; or Yashti-madhu and Utpala ; or Kachchura and Tila are the ingredients of four recipes which, if taken with the she-goat's milk and honey, would remove the blood in the stool. Pastes of unripe Vilva fruits, treacle and honey taken before the meal would be a remedy in a case marked by watery motions mixed with blood. A case of blood-dysentry due to the deranged blood, and Pitta and attended with Sula yields to the use of a compound consisting of Kos'akara (a kind of sugar-cane) pulverised parched paddy fried in clarified butter and mixed with sugar and honey. A case of blood-dysentery due to the action of the deranged blood, and Pitta may be cured with a compound of the kernel of a (unripe) Vilva-fruit mixed with Yashti-madhu and taken with the washings of rice, honey and sugar. The remedies mentioned in connection with a case of Guda-paka (suppuration of anus) should also be employed in these cases. Application of Pichchha'-Vasti is recommended in the type where the pain begins to subside. A purgative consisting of the decoction of Vidanga, Triphala and Pippali should be given to a patient with good appetite as soon as the stool would assume * the colour of blood. In the alternative, a purgative consisting only of milk cooked with Eranda-roots (castor plant) should be employed and the patient should be

* D. R. - When the stool would hardenCauses And Symptoms Of Raktatisara 30086 1 given Yavagu prepared with appetising and Vayu-subduing drugs. 72-78.

Treacle (Phanita) mixed with powdered S'unthi, curd, oil, milk and clarified butter should be given in a case marked by good appetite but by frothy motions devoid of all fcecal matter. Badara-fruits boiled with oil and treacle, or cakes prepared from them and dried unripe Vilva-fruits should be prescribed. Cakes prepared with boiled Masha-pulse should be prescribed to be taken with curd followed by a draught of S'veta (cake-made) wine in the case marked by the absence of fecal matter in the stool. The blood-stained flesh of a hare cooked with Samanga, curd and clarified butter should be taken with well boiled rice. 79.

A decoction of Masha-ipulse, Kola and barley duly cooked in equal parts of the oil and clarified butter and mixed with curd and the expressed juice of Dadima should be prescribed as diet in the case. The absence of any fecal matter in the stool (Purisha-Kshaya) would yield to the use of Bit (black salt), dried unripe Vilva fruit and S'unthi pasted with any acid juice and mixed with curd-cream and cooked in equal parts of oil and clarified butter. Clarified butter duly cooked with as- tringent and appetising drugs should be given in a case of Atisara attended with Sula where the patient feels a good appetite after the loss of fecal matter. 80 - 81.