Treatment Of Vataja-Siroroga

Remedial measures described in connection with the treatment of Vata-Vyadhi should be employed in their entirety in the Vayu-origined types of the diseases of the head, and all medicinal compounds of oil or clarified butter should be followed by a potion of milk. Mudga, Kulattha, or Masha pulse, unmixed with any other thing, as well as pungent and heat-making articles, saturated with clarified butter and followed by potions of tepid milk should be taken in the night. Sesamurri oil or the paste of sesamum may also be taken. Milk duly boiled with the Vayu-subduing drugs should be employed in a lukewarm state in washing the diseased locality, and a plaster composed of the powders of the same drugs boiled with milk should be applied lukewarm to the scalp. In the alternative, the scalp may be plastered over with the boiled flesh of fish or with Kris'ara (preparation of rice and sesamum) saturated with Saindhava salt, or with (the paste of) Chandana, Utpala, Kushtha and Pippali, finely powdered together (all in a lukewarm state). 2-3.

Oil duly prepared with Kidira (crabs) should be used for Nasya (snuffing) purposes subsequent to the employment of the (above) fomentation. A quantity of milk diluted with the addition of half as much of water should be duly boiled with the paste of the drugs of the Varunddi group and taken down from the fire when the water has evaporated. Butter should be skimmed out of it when cool and clarified butter prepared therefrom should be again duly cooked with the paste of the drugs of the Madhura group. The use of this Ghrita as a Nasya (snuff) is highly efficacious in the type under discussion. Clarified butter duly cooked with the decoction of the preceding drugs (of the Varunadi group) and with milk should be taken with sugar. Snaihika Dhuma (Chikitsa, XL.) should be administered in time when required, and Traivrita Ghrita and Bala Taila should be prescribed as a draught and as an errhine, as well as for the purposes of anointing, sprinkling and Vasti-Karma. The food in the present type of the disease should be taken with milk cooked with Vayu-subduing drugs and with meat-soup saturated with Sneha (clarified butter). 4-5.

Treatment of Pittaja and Raktaja

Siro-Toga: - Cooling plasters saturated with clarified butter should be applied to the scalp and cooling head-washes should be prescribed in the Pittaja and Raktaja types of Siro-roga. Milk, the expressed juice of sugarcane, fermented rice-gruel (Dhanyamla), curd-cream (Mastu), honey and sugar mixed in water - these should be used for sprinkling purposes. Plaster for the head should be prepared with Na/a, Vetasa, Kahlara (red lotus), Chandana, Utpala, S'amkha (conch-shell), S'aivala, Yashti-madhu, Musta and lotus taken together and mixed with clarified butter, and the plasters described in connection with the treatment of Pittaja and Raktaja Visarpa (Erysipelas) should also be used. The drugs of the Madhura group should be used in a tepid state as plasters and the Sneha (oil or clarified butter) duly cooked with the same drugs should be used as an errhine, and appropriate medicines should be used as purgatives as well as in Asthapana and Sneha-Vasti measures.

Clarified butter skimmed from milk, and fresh Vasa (lard) * of Jangala animals should be used as. errhines, and, cooked with the drugs of the Utpalsdi group, should be used in the manner of Asthapana-vasti. Food should be taken with meat-soup of Jangala animals, and clarified butter should be used in the manner of an Anuvasana Vasti. Clarified butter skimmed from milk and duly cooked with the drugs of the Madhura group and mixed with sugar should be used for emulsive purposes (Snehana), and all measures and remedies which are remedial to the deranged blood and Pitta may be likewise employed with profit in these cases. 6-7.