Treatment Of Kaphaja Siro-Roga

In a case of Kaphaja-Siroroga, the Kapha-subduing measures, such as strong emetics, head-purgatives (Siro-vireka) and gargling should be resorted to. The transparent upper part of clarified butter † should be given to drink, and fomentation should then be frequently applied to the head. Head-purgatives should then be administered with the pith of Madhuka wood, or with Mesha-s'ringi and Ingudi bark. Vartis (sticks) made of Mesha-s'ringi and Ingudi barks should be used in smoking. Snuffs of powdered Katphala should be taken, and gargles with Kapha-subduing drugs should be used. Plasters prepared with Sarala, Kushtha, S'drn-gashta, Deva-daru, and Rohisha pasted together with the alkaline water and mixed with Saindhava salt should be applied lukewarm to the head. The diet should consist of cooked barley or Shashtika rice, which should

* In place ofTreatment Of Kaphaja Siro Roga 30064 (laid) some readwhich means meat-soup.

† According to a variant matured clarified butter should be used in this case.

be judiciously taken with Yava-kshara and powdered Tri-katu and with the soup of Mudga, Patola and Kulattha pulse. 8.

Treatment Of Tri-Doshaja And Kshayaja S'Iroroga

The Measures which are severally remedial to the three deranged Doshas of the body should be employed in a case of Siroroga marked by the concerted action of the three Doshas (Tri-doshaja) and draughts of old and matured clarified butter are said to be specially efficacious in such instances. Employment of nutritive (Vrimhana) measures and remedies is recommended in cases of the diseases of the head due to any waste or atrophy of the local fat, etc. (Kshay-aja Siroroga). Clarified butter duly cooked with the admixture of the drugs of the Vayu-subduing and the Madhura groups* should be given as drinks and errhincs. Any medicated Ghrita which acts as a remedy in cases of consumptive cough would be found most efficacious in the present (Kshayaja) type. 9-10.

Treatment Of Krimija Siroroga

In a case of head-disease (head-ache?) due to the germination of parasites (Krimi) in the head, the patient should be made to snuff in a quantity of animal blood. The worms or parasites lured with the smell of the blood, would greedily come down (into the passages of the nostrils) when they should be carefully extracted (by means of tongs, etc). Head-purgatives composed of the pulverised seeds of Hraswa (small) S'igru mixed with Kansya (dead brass) and Nili (indigo) pounded together should then be used, if necessary, or any vermifuge drug-(Vidanga, etc.) pasted with the urine of a cow should be stuffed into the nostrils in the manner of an Avapida Nasya. Fumigations should be applied into the nostrils with the fumes of burnt sordid fishes and vermifuge foods and drinks of various kind should be given. 11.

* According to Videha the clarified butler in this case should be cooked with the decoction of the Vayu-subduing drugs and with the Kalka of the Madhura drugs.