Treatment Of Suryavarta And Ardhavabhedaka

Errhines etc. (plaster, gargle, etc.) should be prescribed in cases of the Suryavarta type of Siroroga, The diet should principally consist of boiled rice and milk with clarified butter and the essence or extract of the meat of Jangala animals. These and similar other suitable remedial agents should be employed in cases of the Ardha'vabhedaka type of Siroroga. Sirisha * and Mulaka seeds or bamboo-roots camphor, or Vacha and Magadhi, or Yashti-madhu and honey, or Manah sila, pasted with honey, or (pasted) Chandana should be stuffed into the nostrils in the manner of an Avapida Nasya in a case of the Suryavarta type of Siroroga as well as in a case of Ardhavabhedaka headache. After the use of the above, the patient should be made to snuff in the medicated clarified butter cooked with the drugs of the Madhura † (Kako-lyadi) group, in both the above cases. Plasters composed of Sariva, Utpala, Kushtha and Yashti-madhu pasted with Kanjika(acid gruel) and surcharged with oil and clarified butter are to be found efficacious in both the cases, if applied to the affected region. This may be employed with equal success in the cases of the Kaphaja type ‡ of Siroroga. 12-14.

* Sripati Dalta, the commentator of Vrinda, prescribes the bark and S'ivadasa Sen, the commentator of Chakrapani, prescribes the seeds of S'irisha.

† Some takeTreatment Of Suryavarta And Ardhavabhedaka 30066 to mean|

‡ In place of the Kaphaja type some read the Kshayaja type. But it is not accepted by Jejjata. Others again read "Anilatmake" i.e. in the Vataja type.

Treatment Of Ananta-Vata

Cases of

Ananta-vata Siroroga should be treated like those of Suryavarta. Moreover blood-letting should be effected (by opening a local vein) and the diet should be such as to subdue the Vayu and the Pitta and should cossist of Madhu-Mastakai Sangyava and Ghrita-pura (different kinds of confectionery made of wheat, sugar, milk, clarified butter, etc.). 15.

Treatment Of Samkhaka

Clarified butter churned from milk should be given for a drink and used as an errhine in a case of Simkhaka and the diet should consist of (boiled rice mixed with) clarified butter and the essence of the meat of jangala animals. Plasters composed of S'atavari, black sesamum, Yashti-madhu, Nilotpala, Durva and Punamava pasted together, or of Maha-siigandha (Utpla-asariva) or Palindi pasted with Kanjika should be applied to the affected locality. Cooling washes and plasters as well as different Avapida Nasyas prescribed in cases of Suryavarta should also be prescribed for this disease (Samkhaka). 16.

Strong head-purgatives (errhines) composed of oil and honey should be first administered in cases of Siroroga with the exception of the Krimija and the Kshayaja types. Then the patient should be made to snuff in drops of mustard oil. In cases where the preceding remedies would fail to produce any relief, the patient should be treated with Sneha and Sveda, and bleeding should then be effected by opening a local vein. 17-18.

The Conclusion

The causes, symptoms and the therapeutics of the seventy-six kinds of ocular affection, of the twenty-eight kinds of the disease of the car, of the thirty-one kinds of nasal disease, of the eleven kinds of the disease of the head as well as of the sixty-seven (sixty-five) kinds of the affection of the mouth have been described in detail in other treatises (e.g. those of Videha, etc. dealing with this special subject - the diseases of the over-clavicular region). The number, symptoms and therapeutics of these diseases of the over-clavicular region are herein briefly described in accordance therewith. 19.

Thus ends the twenty-sixth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the treatment of the diseases of the head.

Here ends the Salakya Tantra (Surgery