Metrical Texts

The patient having been made to vomit in the event of the deranged Váyu being-incarcerated (lodged) in the Amásaya (stomach), a pulverised compound known as the Shad-Dharana-yoga (a compound of six Dharanas or twenty-four Máshá weight) with tepid water should be administered to him for seven days. A compound made up of Chitraka, Indra-yava, Páthá, Katuka, Ativishá, Abhayá (taken in equal parts) together is known as the Shad-Dharana-yoga * and contains the properties of subduing an attack of Váta-vyádhi. 2-3.

In the event of the aggravated Váyu being incarcerated in the Pakvás'aya intestines), purgatives of fatty matters (Sneha-Virechana, i.e ,Tilvaka-Sarpih,etc), and Sodhana- Vasti of purifying drugs (with decoctions and Kalka of fatty matters) and diet (Prás'a) abounding in salt † or saline articles should be prescribed. In the case of the aggravated Váyu being incarcerated in the Vasti (urinary bladder), diuretic (lit. bladder-cleansing) measures and remedial agents should be resorted to. Anointing with medicated oils, Ghritas, etc., application of poultices (Upanáha) compounded of Váyu-subduing drugs, massage, and plasters (Alepa) of similar properties are the remedies in cases where the aggravated Váyu is lodged in the internal ducts or channels such as the ears, etc., of the body. Blood-letting (venesection) is the remedy where the aggravated Váyu would be found to be confined in the skill, flesh, blood or veins (Sirás). Similarly, application of fatty matters (Sneha), actual cauterization, massage, application of poultices and binding of ligatures should be the remedies where the aggravated Váyu would be found to have become involved in the Snáyu (ligaments), joints and bones Where the aggravated Váyu would be found to have become situated in the bone, the skin and flesh of that part of the body should be perforated with a proper surgical instrument (Ará-Sastra) and the underlying bone should be similarly treated with an awl. A tube open at both ends should be inserted into the aperture, thus made, and a strong physician should suck the aggravated Váyu from out of the affected bone by applying his mouth to the exteiior open end of the tube. 4-9.

* One Dharana is equal to four Máshás. † Sneha-Lavana and Kánda-Lavana, etc.

In the case of the aggravatd Váyu having contaminated the semen, measures and remedies for seminal disorders (Sukra-dosha) * should be employed. The intelligent (physician) would take recourse to measures, such as blood-letting, immersion or bath in a vessel (full of Váyu-subduing decoctions), fomentation with heated stones, as well as in the manner of Karshu-Sveda, vapour-bath in a closed chamber (Kuti sveda), anointment, Vasti-Karmas, etc., in the event of the aggravated Váyu having extended throughout the whole organism; whereas bleeding by means of a horn (cuffing) should be regarded as the remedy when the aggravated Dosha would be found to have been confined in any particular part of the body. * 10-12.

* Treatments, such as, the purification of the semen, etc., and the use of medicines for making Aphrodisia (Váji-karana) and for the remedy of the disordered urinary organ (Mulra-dosha) should be adopted and employed.

In the event of the aggravated Váyu being connected either with the Pitta or the Kapha, such a course of treatment should be adopted as would not be hostile to the two other Doshas. Blood-letting (in small quantities) should be resorted to several times in a case of complete aenesthesia (Supta-Váta) and the body should be anointed with oil mixed with salt and chamber-dust (Agára-dhuma) Milk boiled with a decoction of the drugs of the Pancha-mula group, acid-fruits (Phalámla), meat-soup or soup of (well-cooked) corn (Dhánya) with clarified butter are beneficial in cases of Váta-roga. 13-15.