Names: - The eleven different forms of diseases which are peculiar to the Sclerotic coat (white) of the eye, are Prast‚ryarma, Śukl‚rma, KshatajŠrma (Rakt‚-rma), Adhim‚ns‚rma, SnŠyvarma, Suktik‚, Arjuna, Pishtaka, Sir‚-j‚la, Sir‚-pidak‚, and Bal‚sa-grathita. 2.

Symptoms: - A thin and extended glandular swelling (Granthi) coloured reddish blue and apearing on the Sclerotic coat (Śukla) is called PrastŠryarma. A crop of soft and whitish growths slowly extending over the entire length of the Sclerotic coat is called ŚuklŠrma. The fleshy growth on the white coat of the eye resembling a (red) lotus flower in colour is called Lohita'rma. The soft, extended, thick and dark-brown and liver-coloured growth of flesh on the white coat is called Adhi-mŠnsŠrma. The rough, yellowish (D. R. white) growth of flesh on the white coat, and gaining (slowly) in size, is called SnŠyvarma. 3-7.

The appearance of dark brown specks resembling flesh in colour or of those having the colour of an oyster-shell on the white coat (Śukla) of the eye is called Śuktika'. The appearance of a single dot or speck on the Sclerotic coat (Śukla), coloured like a (drop of the) hare's blood, is called Arjuna. A raised and circular dot or speck appearing on the white coat and coloured white like pasted rice and (as transparent as) water is called Pishtaka. Red and extensive patches of hardened veins spreading over the white coat and looking like a net-work is called SirŠ-jŠla. The crop of white pustular growths (Pidak‚) on the Sclerotic coat (Śukla), near the limit of the black coat (Iris) and covered over with shreds of veins are called the SirŠ-PidakŠ. The disease in which a speck coloured like the Indian bell-metal (KŠmsya) and covered over with a vein (Sira) appears on the region of the Scleratic coat is called the BalŠsa*. 8-13.

Thus ends the fourth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Sam-hitŠ which treats of the pathology of the diseases of the Sceloretic region of the eye.

* The reading in M‚dhava's Nid‚na is quite different here, and Dallana seems to support that. It is defined as the disease in which a hard speck appears like a drop of water on the white coat and looks like bell-metal in colour.