Health indicates a normal condition of the (three) Doshas (fundamental principles), Agni (the digestive fire), Mala (excrements viz., feces, urine, etc.)*, and the (seven) Dhatus or root-principles of the body as well as a serene state of the body, mind and the sense-organs. It has already been stated in the Sutra-sthana, that the primary object of medical treatment is to maintain this healthy state (of the body and of the mind) in its normal equilibrium. A brief outline of the means to be applied and of the rules to be observed for the realisation of that end, has also been given before. Now we shall enter into a lengthy and elaborate dissertation on the subject. 2-3.

Regimen Of Diet And Conduct In The Varsha (Rainy) Season

Articles of particular tastes which are remedial to the specific deranged bodily Dosha should be used or employed by experienced persons in the particular season of the year in which the Doshas are respectively aggravated. The bodily Vayu, etc., of a person is generally aggravated during the Varsha (rainy) season owing to a slimy condition of the organism, producing an impairment of the digestive fire as well as goose-flesh on the skin. Articles of astringent, bitter and pungent tastes should therefore be prescribed for a king and king-like personages during those months of the year for correcting or remedying the altered slimy condition of (things which obtain inside) the body, as well as for mitigating the aggravation of the bodily Doshas. The food should be non-liquid and made neither too emollient (fatty or lardacious) nor too Ruksha (dry), and should be composed of articles which are appetising and heat-making in their potency. Water for drinking should be prescribed according to the rules laid down before (in chapter XLV (Symptoms And Medical Treatment Of Hemorrhage (Rakta-Pitta-Pratishedha)), Sutra-sthana), or water, heated and subsequently cooled, should be taken in combination with honey, if the sky is overcast with clouds and the air is charged with humid vapours, making the water consequently very cold. 4-5

* Some explain 'Kriya' separately as the organic functions e. g. sleep and awakening, etc. - Dallana.

The herbs and vegetables being newly grown in this (rainy) season, are (over-juicy and) consequently not very easy to digest ; a wise man should, therefore, avoid the excessive use of physical exercise, water, dew, sexual intercourse and the sun's rays (which might lead to indigestion). One should, in this season, lie upon some higher place to avoid the cold damp due to the emission of earthly vapours at this time. When feeling cold one should protect oneself from it with warm clothes and should lie inside a room free from blasts of wind and with fire burning within. Fine Aguru should be used as pastes, and elephants should be used as conveyance in this season. Sleep at day-time and eating before the previous meal is digested should be strictly avoided. 6.

Rules For Autumn

Articles of astringent, sweet and bitter tastes, different preparations of milk and of sugar-cane-juice as well as honey, S'ali-rice, Mudga-pulse, oil and the meat of Jangala animals should be used in the Autumn (Sarat) season. All kinds of water are recommended in this season as they are all clear and pure at this time of the year. Swimming and (immersion) in ponds full of Kamala (lotus) and Utpala (water lily), enjoying the moon's rays at dusk and the use of sandal-pastes are recommended. The aggravation of Pitta in the (previous) rainy season should, in this season, be duly remedied by the use of Tikta-Ghrita (Chapter IX (SáRiram Which Treats Of The Description Of The Arteries, Nerves And Ducts, Etc. (Dhamani-VyáKarana-SáRiram)), Chikitsita sthana), by means of venesection or by the use of purgatives. Tikshna (sharp-potencied or pungent), acid, hot and alkaline articles (of food) as well as the sun's rays, sexual excess and sleep at day-time and keeping late hours should be avoided. Sweet and cold water and purified wine as transparent as crystals are also recommended. All kinds of water arc in this season washed, as it were, by the clear white rays of the autumnal moon and being purified by the rising of the Agastya star,* become very clear and transparent and consequently beneficial. Clean and thin clothes scented with sandal-pastes or with camphor as well as garlands of autumnal flowers should be worn, and the Sidhu class of wine should be judiciously taken In short, all Pitta-subduing measures should be taken in this season, 7.