General Treatment Of Snake-Bites

In all cases of snake-bites ligatures of cloth, skin, soft fibre or any other soft article (consecrated with the proper Mantras), should first of all be bound four fingers apart above the seat of the bite in the event of its occurring in the extremities, inasmuch as such a proceeding would arrest the further (upward) course of the poison in the body. As an alternative, the seat of the bite should be incisioned, bled and cauterized where such a ligature would be found to be impossible. Incision, cauterization, and sucking (of the poisoned blood from the seat of the bite) should be highly recommended in all cases of snake-bites. The cavity of the mouth should be filled with a linen * before sucking (the blood from the wound). It would do the man bitten by a snake an immense good if he could bite the serpent that had bitten him or failing that, bite a clod of earth without any loss of time. 2-3.

The seat of the bite by a Mandali snake should not however, be cauterized inasmuch as the preponderant Pittaja character of the poison, aggravated by the application of the heat, might lead to its speedy expansion or coursing in the system. 4.

Mantras: - A physician well-versed in the Mantras of anti-venomous potency should bind a ligature of cord consecrated with appropriate Mantras which would arrest a further spread of the poison. The Mantras full of occult energy of perfect truth and divine communion, disclosed by the Devarshis and Brahmarshis of yore, never fail to eliminate the poison from the system, and hold their own even in cases of deadliest poisons. Elimination of the poison with the help of Mantras, full of the energy of Brahma, of truth and austerities, is more rapid than under the effects of drugs. 5.A.

* Dallana recommends burnt earth or the earth of an ant-hill or ash for the purpose of filling up the mouth before sucking the poisoned blood.

A man, while learning the Mantras, should forego sexual intercourse, animal diet, wine, honey, etc., should be self-controlled and clean in body and spirit and (before learning the Mantras) shall lie on a mattress of Kus'a-grass. For the successful application of his newly acquired knowledge (Mantras) he shall devotedly worship the gods with offerings of perfumes, garlands of flowers, edibles, (animal) oblations, etc., and with the appropriate Mantras sacred to them as well as with burnt offerings, since a Mantra chanted by a man in an unclean spirit or body, or accented or uttered incorrectly will not take effect. The medicinal compounds of anti-venomous drugs should also be employed in such cases. 5.

Blood-Letting In Snake-Bite

A skillful physician should open the veins round the seat of the bite and bleed the affected part. The veins of the fore-head and the extremities should be opened in the case where the poison would be found to have spread through the whole organism. The poison will be found to have been fully eliminated with the passage of the blood (from the incisioned wound). Hence bleeding should be resorted to as it is the best remedy in a case of snake-bite. 6-A.

Plasters of anti-poisonous drugs (Agada) should be applied all round the seat of the bite after scarifying it, which should be sprikled with water mixed with (red) Sandal wood and Us'ira or with their decoction. The appropriate Agada compounds (according to the nature of the bite) should be administered through the medium of milk, honey and clarified butter, etc. In the absence of these, the patient should be made to take (a solution of) the black earth of an ant-hill (dissolved in water). As an alternative, (a paste of) Kovidára, S'irisha, Arka and Katabhi should be prescribed for him. The patient should not be allowed to take oil, the soup of Kulattha-pulse, wine and Sauviraka. The patient should be made to vomit with the help of any other suitable liquid available, since vomiting in most cases leads to the elimination of the poison from the system. 6.