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Asmari (urinary calculus, etc) is a dangerous disease and is as fatal as death itself. A case of recent origin (acute) proves amenable to medicines, while an enlarged or chronic one requires surgical operations. The remedial measures, in the order of anointing, etc. should be employed in the first or incipient stage of the disease, whereby the entire defects with their causes (i.e., roots of the disease) would be radically cured. 2.

Treatment Of Vátaja Asmari

Clarified butter cooked with a decoction of Páshánabheda, Vasuka, Vas'ira, As'mantaka, S'atávari, S'vadamstrá, Vrihati, Kantakáriká, Kapotavamka, A'rtagala, Kakubha *, Us'ira, Kubjaka, Vrikshádani, Bhalluka, Varuna, S'áka-phala, barley, Kulattha, Kola and Kataka fruits and with the Kalka of the drugs constituting the group of Ushakádi, speedily brings about the disintegration of As'mari (urinary calculi, etc.) due to the action of the deranged Váyu. Milk, Yavágu (gruel), a decoction, soup, or an alkali, properly prepared with the above Váyu-subduing drugs should also be administered as food and drink in the above cases. 3.

Treatment Of Pittaja Asmari

Similarly a medicated clarified butter cooked with the decoction of Kus'a, Kás'a,S'ara, Gundrá, Itkata, Morata, As'mabhid, S'atávari, Vidári, Váráhi, S'áli-mula, Tri-kantaka, Bhalluka, Pátalá, Páthá, Pattura, Kuruntiká, Punarnavá *, S'irisha, with the paste (Kalka) consisting of S'ilájatu, Madhuka (flower) and the seeds of Indivara †, Trapusla and Erváruka, would speedily bring about the disintegration of Pittaja As'mari (calculi, etc.). An alkali, Yavágu (gruel), soup, a decoction, or milk, properly prepared with the above Pitta-subduing drugs, should also be prescribed as food and drink in these cases. 4.

* Chakradatta reads "Kopotavaktrá" in place of "Kapotavamka" "Kánchana" in place of 'Kakubha"; and "Gulmaka" in place of "Kubjaka." From an examination of Dallana it appears that "Kachchhaka"' is also a reading of 'Kakubha."

Treatment Of Kaphaja Asmari

The use of medicated clarified butter prepared from the milk of a she-goatá and cooked with the paste (Kalka) of the drugs constituting the Varunádi group ‡ Guggulu, Elá, Harenu, Kushtha, the Bhadrádi group, Marichu, Chitraka, Suráhvá and the Ushakádi group, leads to the speedy disintegration and expulsion of the As'mari (stone, etc.) due to the action of the deranged Kapha. So also the use of an alkali, Yavágu (gruel), soup, milk, or a decoction, properly prepared with the above Kapha-subduing drugs, is recommended as food and drink in such cases. 5.

A potion consisting of the powdered fruit of the Pichuka, Amkola, Kataka, S'áka and Indivara mixed with treacle §

* Chakradatta reads "Punarnave"' i.e., both the kinds of Punarnavá.

† Jejjata explains "Indivara" as 'Nilotpala.' But Gayádása does not support this.

‡ Some say that "Aja-sarpih" is superfluous. Chakradatta readsTreatment Of Kaphaja Asmari 20067 in place ofmeaning there by that the decoction of the Varunádi-gana is to be used. Chakradatta's reading seems to be the correct one and is observed in practice with good results. - Ed.

§ The quantity of treacle, to be taken, should be equal to the entire quantity of the powders: and hot water should be used - Dallana.

and water proves beneficial in cases of Gravel (Sarkara). The bones of the Krauncha, camel and ass, as well as the drugs known as S'vadamshtrá * Tálamuli, Ajamodá, Kadamba-roots and Nágara pounded together and administered through the vehicle of wine (Sura) or hot water, leads to the disintegration of Sarkará (gravel). The milk of an ewe mixed with powdered Trikantaka-seeds and honey should be used for seven days for the disintegration and separation of an As'mari. 6-7.