Classes: -There are seven different types of Vriddhi such as the Vátaja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Raktaja, Medaja, Mutraja and the Antra-vriddhi. Of these both the Mutraja-vriddhi (hydrocele or extravagation of the urine), and Antra-vriddhi types, though owing their origin to the deranged condition of the bodily Váyu, have been so named after the organic matters or anatomical parts (urine, iliac colon etc.) involved in them. 2.

Definition And Premonitory Symptoms

Any of the deranged Doshas (Váyu, Pittam. etc ) lying in the nether regions of the body may resort to the spermatic cords (Dhamani) and give rise to a swelling and inflammation of Phalacosha (scrotal sac) which is called Vriddhi (scrotal tumour etc.). A pain in the bladder, scrotum, penis and the waist (Kati) incarceration of the Váyu and the swelling of the scrotum, are the premonitory symptoms of the disease. 3 - 4.

The Dosha-Origined Types

The type in which the scrotum becomes distended with Váyu like an inflated air-drum, marked by roughness of (its surface) and the presence of a varied sort of Vŕtaja pain (in its interior) without any apparent cause is called Vataja Vriddhi. The swollen scrotum, of the Pittaja Vriddhi, assumes the colour of a ripe Audumvara fruit and is attended with fever, a burning sensation and heat in the affected part. It is of a marked rapid growth and speedy suppuration (of the scrotum). The swollen organ in the Kaphaja Vriddhi becomes hard and cold to the touch accompanied by-little pain, and itching (in the affected part'. In the Raktaja type the swollen scrotum is covered over with black vesicles, all other symptoms of the type being identical with those of the Pittaja one. In the Medaja type the swollen scrotum looks like a ripe Tŕla fruit and becomes soft, glossy and slightly painful. The patient feels a constant inclination to scratch the part. The Mutraja-vriddhi (hydrocele) owes its origin to a habit of voluntary retention of urine, its characteristic symptoms being softness and fluctuation on the surface of the swollen scrotum like a skin-bladder filled with water, painful urination, pain in the testes and swelling of the scrotum. 5.

Antra-Vriddhi (Inguinal Hernia)

The local Vŕyu enraged and unusually aggravated by lifting a great load, wrestling with a stronger person, violent physical strain or a fall from a tree and such like physical labour doubles up a part of the small intestine and presses it down into the inguinal regions lying there strangulated in the form of a knot (Granthi) which is known as Antra-vriddhi (inguinal hernia). The part not properly attended to at the outset descends into the scrotum which becomes ultimately elongated and intensely swollen and looks like an inflated air-bladder. It (hernia) ascends upwards under pressure, making a peculiar sound, (gurgling); while let free it comes down and again gives rise to the swelling of the scrotum. This disease is called Antra-vriddhi and is incurable. 6.