Causes And Nomenclature

The bodily Doshas are deranged and aggravated per force by the use of extremely liquid, emollient, unpalatable or oversalted food or of one taken at an improper time or in an inordinate quantity or which is incongenial to the physical temperament of its user, as well as by over-fatiguing physical exercise, fear, mental agitation, indigestion, presence of worms (in the intestines), or quick eating or owing to pregnancy or any disgusting or loathsome causes. Thus deranged, the Doshas rush up to the mouth and after covering the whole of it come out with great force and with an aching pain in the limbs. This is, therefore, called Vomiting' (Chhardi). 2.

The vital Vavu known as the Udana-Vavu coming in combination with the one known as the Vyana-Vayu in a man addicted to incompatible food and drink leads to the derangement of the bodily Doshas and rushes up to the upper part of his body (which causes vomiting) 3

Premonitory Symptoms

Nausea, suppression of eructations, thin and saline water-brash and an aversion to food and drink arc the premonitory symp-toms of vomiting. 4.

Specific Symptoms: Scanty ejections of frothy matter of trong astringent taste accompanied with a loud sound and cramps at the back and the sides produce a sense of exhaustion or fatigue and increase after the digestion of a meal and this should be ascribed to the action of the deranged bodily Vayu. Vomiting of yellow, greenish or blood-streaked matter with an excessively acid, pungent or bitter taste in the mouth and attended with such complications as fever, dryness of mouth, fainting fits and burning and sucking (Chosha) sensations in the body, should be ascribed to the action of the deranged Pitta. Excessively cold, white, sweet, thick and mucous vomiting attended with horripilation, an aversion to food, heaviness of the limbs and lassitude should be ascribed to the Kaphaja type of vomiting. The specific features of all the three preceding types are present in the type due to the concerted action of all the three Doshas. 5 - 8.

Traumatic Cases

The five cases of vomiting due to any disgusting or loathsome cause or to pregnancy, indigestion, presence of worms (in the bowels) or the taking of uncongenial food and drink, should be duly classified according to the Dosha aggravated in each case. The stomach is irritated in all types of vomiting. Fasting should, therefore, be the first remedy in these cases. Violent cramps and nausea as well as the symptoms of Krimija-Hridroga are the special characteristics of a case of vomiting due to the presence of worms in the bowels. 9 - 10.


A skilful physician shall not take in hand the medical treatment of a patient afflicted with vomiting, where the patient is emaciated and is distressed with the supervening symptoms, * and in which the ejected matter is mixed with pus and blood, and resembles the variegated colour of a peacock's plume and where vomiting is almost constant. 11.