General Treatment

Potions of clarified butter (after meal), use of Rasayana-measures, * renunciation of all sorts of physical exercise, baths without immerging the head, absolute sexual abstinence and abstinence from talkativeness are the general remedies and rules to be prescribed in the affections of the ear in general. 2.

Treatment Of The Vataja Ear-Diseases

The course of medical treatment to be pursued in the four forms of the ear-diseases (all due to the action of Vayu) viz., Karna-sula, Prana'da, Va'dhirya and Karna-kshveda is the same and is as follows, Sneha should be first administered (both internally and externally) and the patient purged with emulsive purgatives after which the affected locality should be fomented with Vayu-subduing drugs administered in the manner of Nadi-sveda or Pinda-sveda. 3.

A case of Karna-sula (ear-ache), due to the concerted action of the deranged Vayu and Kapha of the locality yield to the application of fomentation to the affected part with (the fumes of) Vilva, Eranda-roots, Arka, Var-shabhu, Kapittha, Dhustura, S'igru, Ajagandha, As'va-gandha, Jayanti, barley and bamboo, boiled in Aranala (fermented rice-gruel) and administered in the manner of Nadi-sveda (fomentation through a pipe). An attack of Karna-s'ula (ear-ache) yieds to the application of taste (instead of water) should be used as an ear-drop in order to alleviate the aching pain therein. 10.

* In place of "Rasayana" (use of tonic) some read "Ranas'anam" (use of meat-soup with meal).

Finda-sveda made with pieces of boiled flesh of fish, cock or Lava (jointly or severally), or with (balls of condensed) milk. 4 - 5.

A bowl-shaped cup should be made of the leaves of the As'vattha soaked in oil and Dadhi-mastu * and it should be heated by means of charcoal-fire. The oil, thus heated and made to drop into the affected organ, gives instantaneous relief in a case of ear-ache. The affected organ should be fumigated with the fumes of burning pieces of Kshauma (linen cloth) as well as with clarified butter, Aguru and Guggulu mixed together. Draughts of clarified butter as well as the application of Siro-vasti after meal are also found beneficial. 6 - 7.

A rice diet should be foregone in the night, and draughts of clarified butter followed by potions of milk should be taken in its stead. The Sata-paka Vala-Taila † should also be prescribed as Siro-vasti, errhine, as well as Mastikya-Sirovasti and sprinkling. It may also be given internally. Goat's milk first cooked with Kanta-kdri (in the manner of Kshira-paka) and then with the fat (Vasa) of a cock is extremely efficacious (in cases of ear-ache) if used as an ear-drop. 8 - 9.

The four kinds of Sneha (oil, clarified-butter, lard and animal marrow) duly cooked together with the Kalka of Tanduliyaka, Amkota fruits, Ahimsra, Kendraka-roots, Sarala, Deva-Daru, Las'una (garlic), S'unthi and the scrapings of bamboo-skin and with the liquids of acid ‡

* "Mastu" (curd-cream) is mentioned neither by Vrinda nor by Chakrapani. According to Videha's recipe, clarified butter should be used in place of oil in cases of the aggravation of the Pitta.)

† For "Vala-Taila" - See chapter XV (Surgical And Medical Treatment Of The Cases Of Difficult Malpresentation Of The Foetus And Of Difficult Labour (Mudha-Garbha)), Chikitsita Sthana.

‡ The liquid acids here are Dadhi, Takra, Sura, Chukra (a kind of Kanjika) and the expressed juice of Matulunga.

The expressed juice of Las'una, S'igru, Ardraka, Murangi, Mulaka and (branch of) Kadali jointly or severally poured lukewarm into the cavity of the organ acts as an excellent ear-drop (in case of acute ear-ache). As an alternative, the expressed juice of Sringa-vera mixed with honey, Saindhava, and oil should be used lukewarm as an ear-drop to alleviate the pain therein. Clarified butter * duly cooked with the scrapings of bamboo-skin and the urine of a ewe and of a she-goat † should also be used as an ear-drop in cases of earache, 11 - 13.