Treatment Of Vátaja Oshtha-Kopa

In a case of inflammation of the lips (Oshtha-Kopa) due to the action of the deranged Váyu, the affected part should be rubbed with (an ointment composed of) the four kinds of lardacious (Sneha) substances mixed with wax. Fomentations in the manner of Nádi-Sveda should also be resorted to by an intelligent physician Applications of the Sálvana poultices and those of the medicated oils, possessed of the virtue of subduing the deranged Váyu, as errhines and Mastikya (Siro-vasti) are also recommended. The lips should be treated with the powder composed of S'ri-veshtaka * Sarja rasa, Sura-dáru, Guggulu and Yashti-madhu. 2-4.

Treatment Of Pittaja Oshtha-Kopa, Etc

In a case of Oshtha-kopa of traumatic origin, (Abhighátaja) or one due to the deranged action of the blood (Raktaja) or of the Pitta, bleeding of the affected part should be effected by the application of leeches and all the measures and remedies (Samsodhana and Samsamana) mentioned in connection with the treatment of the Pitta-Vidradhi should be likewise employed. 5.

Treatment of Kaphaja Oshthakopa:

- The use of medicated Siro-virechana (errhines),fumigations, (Vairechanika Dhuma), fomentation and (Sveda) Kavala (gurgles), prepared from the Kapha subduing drugs should be recommended after blood-letting in the Kaphaja type of Oshtha-kopa. The swollen and inflamed lips should be treated (Prati-sárana) with a compound compounded together and made into a thin paste with the admixture of honey. 6.

* Vagbhata readsTreatment Of Pittaja Oshtha Kopa Etc 200120 i, e., wax, in place ofsisting of Trikatu, Sarjiká-kshára, Yava-Kshára and Vid-lavana (black-salt) *

Treatment of Medoja Oshtha-kopa:

- In a case of the fatty type of Oshtha-kopa, the affected part should be fomented and opened (when suppurated); and should then be purified and cauterised with fire. A paste compound of Priyangu, Triphalá, Lodhra and honey should be rubbed over the affected part (Prati-sárana). These are the remedies for the curable types of Oshtha-kopa. 7-8.

Treatment Of The Diseases Of Danta -Mula

Now we shall describe the treatment of the affection of the roots of the teeth (Gingivitis). In a case of the Sitáda type of the disease, the gums should be first bled and a decoction of Sarshapa, Nágara, Triphalá and Musta † mixed with Rasánjana should then be used as gurgles. The gums should be plastered (Pralepa) with Priyangu, Musta and Triphala and (clarified butter, cooked with) the decoction of Triphalá, Madhuka, Utpala and Padmaka should be used as an errhine. In an acute case of Danta-Pupputaka, the gums should be first bled and then rubbed (Prati-sárana) with the five officinal kinds of salt and Yava-Kshára mixed with honey. The use of errhines (Siro-virechana), medicated snuffs (Nasya) and demulcent food is recommended. 9-10.