Metrical Texts

Bhagandara, Shlaishmika Granthi, Tilakalaka, Arvuda, Arsha, Charma-Kila, Jatumani, Mansa-Samghata, Gala-Sunthika, Valmika, Vrana-Vartma, Shataponaka, Adhrusha, Upadansha, Mansakandha, Adhimansaka, as well as ailments due to the lodgment of a foreign body in the flesh or a bone, and a sloughing of ligaments, flesh or veins are the diseases in which incision (Chhedyam should be made.


Excision (Bhedyam) should be resorted to in the following diseases, viz., Vidradhis, the three types of Granthi other than the Sannipatika one, Visarpa due either to the deranged Vayu, Pittam or Kapham, Vriddhi, Vidarika, Prameha-pidaka, swellings in general, diseases affecting the mammary organs, Avamanthaka, Kumbhika, Anushayi, Nadi, the two types of Vrinda, Pushkarika, Alaji, Kshudra-roga (all minor cutaneous or pustular diseases), the three types of Puppata, Talu-puppata, and Danta-puppata; Tundukeri, Gilayu, and the diseases which are caused by suppuration in the local flesh or any soft part of the body (such as fistula in ano), as well as stone in the bladder and diseases due to a derangement of fat. *


The surgical operation known as scarification Lekhya; should be resorted to in the following diseases, viz, the four types of Rohini, Kilasa, Upaji-hva, diseases having their seat in the deranged fat, Danta-Vaidarbha, Granthi, Vrana-Vartma, Adhi-Jihva, Arshah, Mandala, Mansa-kandi, and Mansonnati.


The Surgical operation known as Vyadhanam (aspiration: should be made use of in connection with a vein, or a case of Dakodaram (abdominal dropsy), or Mutra-Vriddhi (hydrocele). Diseases, in connection with which the probe or the director should be used, are Nadis (sinus) and ulcers with any extraneous or foreign body lodged in their inside, and those which follow abnormal (lateral or oblique) directions.


The process known as Aharanam (extraction or drawing out) should be adopted in the three types of Sharkara, † in drawing out any morbid matter from between the teeth or from the cavity of the ears, or in extracting any foreign matter from its seat of lodgment in the body, or a stone from the bladder, or in drawing out feces from the constricted anus, or a foetus from the uterus, (as in the case of a false presentation or difficult labour).

* Granthi (gland), Galaganda (goitre), Vriddhi (scrotal tumour) Apachi (scrofula) and Arvuda (tumour) are the fat-origined diseases contemplated as instances.

† Such as urinary calculi, calcareous deposits on the teeth, and Pada-Sharkara.


Secreting or evacuating measures (Sravyam) should be adopted in the following diseases, viz, the five types of Vidradhi excepting the Sannipatika one, Kustha of whatsoever type, derangement of the bodily Vayu with pain in the affected region, inflammatory swellings restricted to any particular part of the body, diseases affecting the ear-lobes, Shleepada (elephantiasis), blood poisoning, Arvuda (tumours), Visarpa (erysipelas), Granthi (glands due to any of the deranged Vayu, Pittam, or Kapham) the three types of Upadansha (syphilis), Stana-roga (inflammation of the mammas), Vidarika, Shaushira, Gala-Shaluka, Kantaka, Krimi-dantaka worm-eaten teeth), Danta-veshta (inflammation of the gums), Upakusha, Shitada, Danta-puppata, diseases of the lips originated through the action of the deranged blood, Pittam or Kapham, and a variety of other diseases passing under the denomination of Kshudra-Roga (minor ailments).