Decoctions of the leaves of the trees (Vilvadi) possessed of Vayu-subduing virtue should be used for sprinkling purposes and oil duly cooked and prepared with the decoction of their roots and with the drugs of the Sarvagandha, group and ,with Kaitaryya * and Sura-manda as Kalka should be used in anointing the body of the child laid up with an attack of Skanda-graha. Draughts of clarified butter duly cooked with Deva-dsru, Rasna, the drugs of the Madhura group and with milk, should be internally administered. 2-3.


Moreover the body of the child should be fumigated with the fumes of the mustard seeds, the cast-off skin of a snake, Vacha, Kakadani, clarified butter and the hairs of a camel, a goat, a sheep or of a cow mixed togetner and burnt. 4.

The twigs of Soma-balli (Guduchi), Indra-balli (As'-mantaka) and S'ami as well as the thorns of Vilva and the roots of Mrigddani, should be strung together (in the shape of a garland) and tied (round its neck). 5.

The physician' (or any other person acting on his behalf) should bathe in the night and worship the god Skanda for three successive nights in the inner quadrangle of the house of the child or at the crossing of roads with various offerings, viz. garlands of red flowers, red flags, red perfumes such as Kumkuma, edibles of various kinds and newly harvested barley grains, Sali rice. A cock should be sacrificed on the occasion (to appease his wrath) and bells should be rung (for his propitiation). The water to be used for bath (in course of worship), should be consecrated by reciting the Gayatri Mantra and the sacrificial fire should be duly lit with (three, seven or ten) libations (of clarified butter). 6.

* Kaitaryya, according to Dallana, means Nimba or Guduchi.

Mantras: - The body of the child should be guarded by a careful physician against the influence of the malignant Grahas by reciting every day a Mantra which runs as follows: - "May Skanda, the eternal and changeless deity who is the receptacle of all sorts of energies produced by austerities, fame, valour, or organic combination (vital energy), be propitious to thee. May the almighty Guha protect thee from all evils - Guha who is the commander-in-chief both of the army of the gods and of the Grahas and is the destroyer of the enemies of the army of the gods (in which rank he has been installed, lit. wedded, with the suffrage of all the gods). May he who is the begotten son of the supreme deity - the god of the gods and who acknowledges severally the exalted motherhood of Ganga, Uma and the Krittikas, give thee health and comfort. May the beautiful god who pierced with a single shaft right through the heart of the mountain Krouncha and who is effulgent with the red rays of his own divine person smeared with the paste of red sandal-wood and decked with the garland of red flowers, protect thee from all perils." 7.

Thus ends the twenty-eighth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the Therapeutics of Skanda-Graha.