A decoction of the barks of Kapota-banka, Araluka, Varuna, Paribhadraka and A'sphota should be used in washing, and medicated oil duly cooked and prepared with (the Kalka and decoction of) Vacha, Vayastha, (Brahmi), Golomi, Haritala, Manah-s'ila, Kushtha and Sarja-rasa (resin) should be used in anointing the body of a child possessed by Putana. 2-3.

Clarified butter duly cooked with the Tugd-kshiri, Kushtha, Talis'a, Khadira and Chandana, and the drugs of the Madhura group would be found beneficial. 4.

Deva-daru, Vacha, Kushtha, Hingu, Giri-kadamba, Eld and Harenu should be used in fumigating the body of the child. Fumigation of Gandhandkuli, Kumbhika, marrow of Vadara-fruits, shells of crabs, and mustard-seeds pounded together and mixed with clarified butter may also be used. Kakadani, Chitra-p/iald, Vimbi and Gunja should be worn on the body (as a charm) by the child. 5-6.

Putana, the presiding deity of the disease, should be worshipped in the interior of a lonely chamber with oblations and with the offerings of boiled rice prepared with the admixture of fish as well as those of Kris'ara, and Palala (meat or puddings of sesamum) placed in a saucer and covered with another, and the child should be bathed with the water left behind after worship. 7A.

The Worshipping Mantra Is As Follows

"May the slovenly shag-haired goddess, Putana, who is dressed in dirty clothes, and who loves to haunt lonely dwellings, preserve the child. May the fierce-looking, frightful goddess who is as black as a dark rain-cloud, who loves to haunt lonely and dilapidated human dwellings and whose body gives off filthy odours protect the child from all evils." 7.

Thus ends the thirty-second chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment (of an attack) by Putana.