The decoction of Kapittha, Suvaha (Rasna), Vimbi, Vilva, Prachivala (?), Nandi (Vata) and Bhallataki should be used in sprinkling (the child's body). The urine of a cow and of a she-goat, as well as Musta, Deva-daru, Kushtha and the drugs of the Sarva-gandha (Eladi) group should be used in duly preparing a medicated oil (for the purpose) and medicated Ghrita should be duly cooked with (three parts of) the decoction of Rohini, Sarjarasa (resin), Khadira, Palasa and barks of Arjuna and (one part of) milk. 2 A.

Dungs of an owl and a vulture, the cast-off skin of a snake as well as Ajagandha and Nimba leaves and

Yashthi-madhu should be used for fumigating purposes, and Lamba (Tiktalavu), Gunja and Kakadani should be be worn (as a charm) by the child. 2B.

The goddess Sitaputana should be worshipped with the offerings of the preparation of rice and Mudga pulse (cooked together) as well as with Varuni wine and blood, and the child should be bathed near a river or a tank. The Mantra is as follows: - "May the goddess Sita-putana, who is fond of the preparation of rice and Mudga pulse, who delights in drinking wine and blood and who resides by the side of a river or a tank, preserve thee." 2.

Thus ends the thirty-fourth chapter in the Uttara-Tantra of the Susruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment of (an attack by) Sitaputana.