The decoction of Kapittha, Vilva, Tarkari (Jayanti), Vamsa-lochana (D.R. Vasa), Gandharva-hastaka (Eranda) and Kuverakshi (Patala) should be used in sprinkling (the body of the possessed child). Oil and fat (in equal parts) should be duly cooked with the expressed juice of the Bhringaraja, Ajagandha and Harigandha (As'wa-gandha) and be used in anointing the child's body. Medicated Ghrita should be duly cooked with Madhulika (Murva), Tuga-kshiri and the drugs of the Madhura and the minor Pancha-mula groups and with milk. 2. A.

Fumigation with Vacha, Sarjarasa and Kushtha mixed with clarified butter would be found beneficial and the child should be made to wear the tongue of a Chasa bird, a Chiralli bird or a snake (as a charm). 2. B.

Offerings of Varnaka (Kampillaka), Churnaka, garlands of flowers, Rasanjana, Parada (mercury), Manah-S'ila, Payasa (rice boiled in milk) and puddings should be made (to the deity) inside a cow-shed and the child should also be bathed therein with water consecrated with Mantra. The Mantra runs as follows: - "May the beautiful and blessed goddess, Mukhamandika, who is decked with ornaments, who can assume different forms at will and who resides in cow-sheds, preserve thee".

Thus ends the thirty-fifth Chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment of (an attack by) Mukhamandika.