Chapter XXXI

The medicinal uses of Sneha, etc.: - Classifications of Sneha - Description of Sneha - The specific uses. - Measures of drugs. - The Kashaya-paka-Kalpa - The Sneha-paka-Kalpa. - Alternative methods. - Application of Sneha according to specific Dosha and Season. - Degrees of Cooking a Sneha - Distinctive traits of the complete cooking of a Sneha. - Process of Internal Use of Sneha - The Specific Uses of Clarified butter - The Dosage. - Evil Effects of over-dosage - Sadyah-Sneha. - Forbidden cases of Sneha-pana - Good Effects of Sneha-pana. . . 546-557.

Chapter XXXII

The medical treatment by measures of Sveda (Fomentations, Diaphoretic measures etc.): - Classifications of Sveda. - Its Specific Applications. - Effects of Sveda - Prohibited cases of Sveda. - Symptoms of perfect and imperfect Sveda. - Measures to be followed after Sveda. 558-564.

Chapter XXXIII

The Distresses which prove amenable to the use of Purgatives and Emetics: - Importance of Purgatives and Emetics. - Mode of application of Emetics. - Symptoms of excessive, satisfactory and deficient Emetics. - Effects of satisfactory Emetics. - Cases where Emesis is forbidden. - Cases where Emesis is recommended. - Mode of administering Purgatives. - Classifications of Koshtha. - Diet. - Benefits of proper Purgation. - Persons who should not be purged. - Persons who should be purged. - Necessity of applying Sneha before the administration of Purgative or Emetic. . . . . . 565-589-

Chapter XXXIV

The treatment of the Disorders resulting from an Injudicious Use Of Emetics or Purgatives ". - Their Classes. - Causes and treatment. - Evils of an Unpurged Residue of a Purgative or Emetic. - Evils of a Digested Purgative, etc. - Evils of insufficient or excessive expulsion of the Doshas. - Flatulent Colic. - Partial and Deficient Medication (Ayoga). - Over-drugging with purgatives, etc. (Ati-yoga). - Haemorrhage due to excessive Vomiting or excessive Purging (Jivadana). - Jiva-s'onita, how to be known. - Flatulent distention of the Abdomen (Adhmana). - Cutting pain in the Anus, etc. - Dysenteric stools (Parisrava). - Diarrhoea (Pravahika). - Overwhelming the heart. - Retention (Vibandha) of flatus, stool and urine. . . . . 577 - 589.

Chapter XXXV

The Dimensions and Classifications of a Netra and a Vasti with their therapentic applications: - The importance of Vasti- Karma. - The application of Vasti in different diseases. - -Dimensions of the Pipe. - Materials of the Pipe. - Construction of the Vasti. - Classifications of the Vasti. - Nomenclature of the Vasti. - Application of Niruha-Vasti and Asthapana-Vasti. - Their therapeutic Effects - The different Defects of a Vasti. . . . . . 590 - 598

Chapter XXXVI

The medical treatment of the mishaps which are consequent on the Injudicious Application of the Pipe and the Vasti: - Remedies for the injudicious application of the Pipe. - 'Disorders resulting from a defective Vasti (bladder) and its contents. - Disorders resulting from the defective Position of the Patient. - Remedies for the Complications of the defective position of Niruha-Vasti and Sneha-Vasti. - Intervals for the application of Purgative, Emetic, Asthapana-Vasti and Anuvasana-Vasti. . . . . . 599 - 607.

Chapter XXXVII

The treatment with Anuvasana-Vasti and Uttara-Vasti: - The Process of Anuvasana-Vasti - The process of preparing several medicated Oils and Snehas. - Proper time for the application of Sneha-Vasti. - The mode of applying a Sneha-Vasti. - Symptoms of insufficient, excessive, and satisfactory application of Anuvasana-Vasti. - Diet after the application of a Vasti. - The Successive Actions of a Vasti. - Distresses from Injudicious Application of Sneha-Vasti. - Specific Symptoms - Their remedies. - Uttara-VastiS - Dimensions of the Pipe of the Vasti for a Male and for a Female patient. - Mode of application. - Vaginal Uttara-Vasti. - Diseases amenable to Uttara-Vasti. . . . . 60S - 626.