The mode of applying, as well as the treatment with a Nirudha-Vasti: - The mode of Preparing a Vasti. - The mode of Applying a Vasti. - Symptoms of a satisfactory application of a Vasti. - Subsequent treatment and Diet - Drugs to b> used in a Niruha-Vasti. - The Formula of a Niruha-Vasti. - The process of preparation. - The Dvadasa-Prasrhi. - Classifications of Vastis according to the range of their therapeutic applications. - Corrective Vastis. - Lekhana-Vasti. - Vaji-Karana-Vasti. - Vrim-hana-Vasti. - Pichchhila-Vasti. - Grahi-Vasti. - Sneha-Vasti. - Utkles'ana-Vasti. - Dosha-hara-Vasti. - Soothing Vasti. - Yukta-ratha-Vasti. - Siddha-Vasti. - Mustadika-Vasti. - Variations in the composition of Vastis in cases of persons of different Temperaments. - Nomenclature of different Vastis and .their Specific Uses. . . . 637 - 646.

Chapter XXXIX

The treatment of distressing Symptoms which are manifested in a patient: - The quantity of diet to be taken after the exhibition of a Niruha-Vasti. - Internal application of Sneha after Blood-letting. - Preparations of different diets. - Diet to be taken according to the Dosha and to the Strength of the patient. - Regimen of conduct. - Articles of diet.

Chapter XL

The treatment which consists in employing the Dhuma (Fumes), Nasya (Snuffs) and Kavala (Gargles); - Classifications of Dhuma - Materials ot different Dhuma-Varti. - Formation of the Pipe used in Dhuma-Pana - Mode of inhalation of different Dhumas - Prohibitive cases - Time of Dhuma-pana (Smoking) - The therapeutic effects of Dhuma-Pana - Mode of Smoking. - Snuffs and Errhines (Nasya) - The Nomenclature of the term "Nasya" - Classifications of Nasya - S'iro-Virechana - Its application - Dosage of Sneha-Nasya - Effects of proper, excessive and deficient application of a Sneha-Nasya - Avapida-Nasya - Forbidden cases. - Prati-marsha Nasya when to be used - Its effects. - Specific use of Sneha-Nasya. - Kavala-graha (Gargles) - Classification - Mode of application - Their uses - Kavala and Gandusha distinguished - How long Kavala should be retained - Symptoms of satisfactory, deficient and excessive Gargling. - Prati-sarana - Its classification and effects. . 653 - 671.

End of the Contents of the Chikitsita Sthana.