Purgative Preparations Of Mudga, Etc

The soup of Mudga pulse saturated with the decotion of a purgative drug, and taken with clarified butter and rock salt, acts as a good purgative as well. Similarly, soups of other pulses (such as the Musara, etc.) soaked in a decoction of any of the purgative drugs and drunk with the aforesaid adjuvants, exert purgative virtues. Drugs possessed of emetic properties may be used through the preceding media of pulse-soups as well.

A bit of sugar-cane should be longitudinally split, and then paste of Tribhandi should be placed in its middle; then it should be tied up (with the blades of Kusha grass), and plastered over with a coat of clay, and inserted in a gentle fire of dung cake. After that, it should be taken out of the fire, fully roasted; the juice squeezed out and cooled, would prove a good purgative to a patient laid up with a Pittaja distemper.

A compound consisting of equal parts of sugar and powdered Ajagandha, Tvakkshiri, Vidari and Trivrit and licked with honey and clarified butter, proves curative in a fever with thirst and a burning sensation of the body.

A compound consisting of one part of pulverised Trivrit and a quarter part each of the drugs known as Tvak, Patram and Maricha, and administered with an adequate quantity of honey and sugar, should be regarded as a good purgative for delicate persons.

A Pala weight of sugar should be boiled with a half Kudava weight of honey, and Trivrita powders to the weight of a quarter part (of the combined weight of honey and sugar) should be added to the boiling compound at the later part of the cooking. The remedy should be administered cool, and looked upon as a good purger of Pittam.

A compound consisting of equal parts of powdered Trivrit, Shyama (Vriddha-Daraka), Yavakshara, Shunti and Pippali, and taken with honey, acts as one of the most effective purgatives in diseases due to the action of the deranged Kapham.

Over-ripe Pathya, Kashmari, Dhatri, Dadima and Kola fruit taken with their seeds or stones, should be boiled (with a quantity of water weighing sixteen times their combined weight). The decoction thus obtained should be boiled with (castor) oil, and the juice of Amlaphala etc. (to the weight of a quarter part thereof), should be added to it. The whole should be boiled together until reduced to a considerable consistence. The powders of the three aromatic drugs (Trisugandha) and Trivrit * should be then added to it, which should be administered to a patient as an electuary with honey. This remedy will prove a good purgative in respect of a delicate person of Kaphaja temperament.

A compound, consisting of one part of powdered Nili fruit, one part of powdered Tvak and Ela, and two parts of pulverised Trivrit, and mixed with an adequate quantity of sugar, and taken with honey and the juice of Amlaphalam, should be regarded as a purgative remedy possessed of the virtue of destroying the concerted action of the three deranged humours of the body.

A compound, consisting of equal parts of powdered Trivrit, Shyama (Vriddhadaraka), Pippali and Triphala and made into a confection (Modaka) (with the addition of honey and sugar), should be regarded as one of the most potent cures (purgatives) for Sannipata simultaneous derangement of the three vital humours), haemoptysis and fever.

A compound consisting of three parts of Trivrit, * The weight of honey and pulverised Trivrit should be equal to a fourth part of the entire quantity of medicine taken at a time.

one part of Triphala, one of Yavakshara, one of Krishna (Pippali), and one of Vidanga, pounded together and used as an electuary with the addition of honey and clarified butter, or made into boluses (Gutika) with treacle, proves curative in cases of enlarged spleen, in Gulmas due to the action of the deranged Kapham and Vayu, in Halimaka Chlorosis), as well as in cases of abdominal dropsy, etc. The present remedy (purgative) is one of the most harmless purgative compounds (of our pharmacopoeia;. A purgative compound consisting of Shyama (Vriddhadaraka), Trivrit, Nili, Katvi, Musta, Duralabha, Chavya, Indra-ava and Triphala, administered through the vehicle of clarified butter, essence of meat, or water, is commended to persons of dry temperament.