Chapter XVI. Piercing And Bandaging Of The Lobules Of Ears

Evils which attend the accidental hurting of a local vein - Medical unguents and lints - Different processes of bringing about the adhesion of a bifurcated ear lobe - plastic and rhinoplastic operations .. 141 - 154

Chapter XVII. Distinction Between Suppurating And Non-Suppurating Swellings

Different types of inflammatory swellings produced by the deranged Vayu, Pittam, etc , and the symptoms which mark their respective actions in each type - Characteristic symptoms of a suppurating, suppurated, or non-suppurated Swelling - Hints on in cising suppurated swellings-Evils of opening an abscess at its inflammatory stage - Feeding and anaesthetising of a patient before lancing off an abscess - Classification of surgical operations in connection with an abscess .. .. .. 155 - 161

Chapter XVIII. Dressings And Bandages Of Ulcers

Classification of medicinal plasters according to their thickness, application and function - Use of the different types of plasters - Articles of bandaging - Bandages and their names and applications - Tow - Mode of introducing a lint - Renewals of bandages according to the nature of the ulcer and the prevailing season of the year - Evils of non-bandaging - Benefits of bandaging - Cases where bandaging is prohibited - Hints on the proper lubrication of the lint - Incidental remarks on the bandaging of fractured or dislocated bones .. .. 162 - 175

Chapter XIX. Nursing And Management Of An Ulcer-Patient

Nature of his bed and chamber - Articles prohibited to an ulcer patient - Prophylaxis against monsters and demons - Diet and conduct of an ulcer-patient .. .. .. .. .. 176 - 182

Chapter XX. Salutary And Non-Salutary Effects Of Regimen, Etc

Classi-fication of all articles of fare according as they are wholesome or unwholeseme to the human system, or are relatively wholesome or otherwise - Foodstuff - Incompatibility through combination - Injuriousness through combination - Incompatibility through preparation, quantity or flavour- Effect of winds on the human system as they blow from the different quarters of the heaven .. 183 - 193

Chapter XXI. The Deranged Vayu, Pittam, Etc., As The Exciting Causes Of Ulcers

Seats of Vayu, Pittam, etc. in the human body, and their functions - Different kinds of Vayu, Pittam and Shleshma, and their functions and locations in the economy of nature - Factors which aggravate the deranged Vayu, Pittam and Kapham, and their periodicity - Symptoms of the deranged Pittam, Kapham and blood-Expansion of the deranged Vayu. Pittam. etc. and diseases d\'e to their incarceration in the different parts of the body - Disease - its development and occasions which necessitate the calling in of medical aid - The nature of medical treatment in the case where two or all of the Vayu, Pittam and Kapham are involved .. .. 194 - 211

Chapter XXII. Secretions From Boils And Ulcers

Shapes and seats of boils etc. - Symptoms of bad ulcers - Secretions from ulcers - Presumption as to the derangement of Vayu, etc. from the nature of the secretion - Different kinds of pain which mark the different types of ulcers - Colours of Ulcers .. .. .. .. 212 - 219