Chapter XXXIV. Mode Of Preserving The Life Of A King Whose Soldiers Are On The March

The four factors of medical treatment - Good which results from a satisfactory combination of all these lour factors - Commendable features in a physician, patient, medicine and nurse .. .. .. .. .. 303 - 307

Chapter XXXV. Clinical Observations

Chracteristic features of a long lived or short lived man, or of one with an average duration of life - Physical temperaments and dimensions of the limbs and members of the body - Curable, incurable or suppressive diseases - Sympathetic and Primary diseases - Different kinds of digestive capacity - Three stages of man - Relative preponderance of Vayu, Pittam and Kapham during different stages of life - Classification of countries according to their physical features .. 308 - 328

Chapter XXXVI. Miscellaneous Remedies For Swellings

Plasters for establishing suppuration in swellings - Plasters for bursting, pressing out the pus from, or asepsising swellings - Aseptic pastes - Fumigating compounds - Healing pastes - Compounds which favour granulation in, or destroy the supergrowths around an ulcer .. .. 329 - 335

Chapter XXXVII

Destructive traits of the different kinds of soil commended for the growth or culture of medicinal herbs : - Examination of the soil from which medicinal drugs are to be gathered - Examination of drugs - Mode of collecting drugs - Commendable traits in a room to be used as a drug-store .. .. .. 336 - 341

Chapter XXXVIII. A General Classification Of And Drugs According To Their Therapeutical Properties

Enumer hudhanya thirty seven different groups of medicinal drugs - Their use ..... 342 - 357

Chapter XXXIX. Drugs Possessed Of Cathartic Or Soothing Effects

Emetics-Purgatives - Drugs possessed of both emetic and purgative properties - Errhines - Drugs which respectively soothe the deranged Vayu, Pittam and Kapham - Mode of administering medicines.. 358 - 363

Chapter XL. Drugs And Their Flavours, Virtues, Potencies, And Chemical Actions

Disquisitions as regards the primary importance of drugs, or their flavours, potency, or chemical reaction in respect of curing diseases - Causes of different kinds of digestion - Conclusion as regards the primary importance of drugs in curing a disease .. .. .. .. .. 364 - 374

Chapter XLI. Specific Properties Of Drugs

Classification of drugs according to the preponderance of the virtues of elemental matter in them - Characteristic features of drugs of dominant earth matter, etc. - Periodicity of drug action - Reasons why purgative drugs move the bowels - Factors which lead to the aggravation or subsidence of the deranged Vayu, Pittam and Kapham - Potency of drugs.. 375 - 381

Chapter XLII. Specific Properties Of Flavours

Reasons for the classification of flavours - Relation of the elemental earth matter with the flavours - Reasons for the primary derangement of Vayu, Pittam, etc - Symptoms and aggravating factors of the deranged Vayu, Pittam and Kapham - Virtues of the different kinds of Savour, such as sweet, etc. - Enumeration of groups of drugs, etc. - Sixty-three different combinations of flavour. XXXI ••• 382 - 393

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