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Chapter XLIII. Mode Of Administering Emetics

Compounds of Madana fruits Compounds of Jimutaka .. .. 394 - 399

Chapter XLIV. Choice Of Purgatives

Most efficient purgatives - Purgative compounds - Purgative soups - Asavas, wines, Sauviras, and Tusho-dakas, etc. - Instructions as to the way of administering purgative compounds of Danti, etc., in the manner of Trivrit compounds - Trivrit Ashtakam - Mode of using purgative fruits and milky exudations of trees - Administration of purgative medicines through the media of wine, etc. .. .. .. 400 - 417

Chapter XLV. Rules To Be Observed In Respect Of Liquid Substances

Water group - Modes of purifying different kinds of water and their virtues etc. - Milk group - Virtues of the different kinds of milk - Curd group - Virtues of the different kinds of curd - Takra group - Modes of preparing different kinds of Takra, and their attributes - Properties of butter, Kilat, etc. - Different kinds of Ghritas (clarified butter), and their properties - Oil group and the properties of different kinds of oil - Properties of the fat obtained from aquatic or domestic animals - Honey group - Classification of the different kinds of honey and their properties - Sugar-cane group, and the properties of the different preparations of sugar-cane juice, such as treacle, sugar, etc., - Wine group - Properties of the different kinds of animal urine.. 418 - 468

CHAPTER XLVI (Symptoms And The Medical Treatment Of Faint-Ing Fits (Murchchha-Pratishedha)).

Different Kinds Of For And Drink

Descriptions of Shali Dhanyam, Shasht. udhanyam, Vaidal, Mudga, Sesamum, Barley, Wheat, Snanyam etc. - Properties of Dhanyas according to their maturity - Description of the Veludha Dhanyas - Flesh group

- Classification of flesh - The Vishkira group - General properties of the flesh of Vishkira.animate - Etymology of the term Pratuda - Enumeration of the animals of the Pratuda group - Cave dwelling, and hole dwelling animals - The Prasaha group of animals - Beneficial use of flesh of the Prasaha group in Phthisis - Detailed classification of animals with the etymology of their generic names, and properties of their flesh - Fruit group, and the properties of different fruits - Group of pot herbs, and their properties - Flower groups - The group of edible leaves of plants, and their properties - The group of bulbous plants - The group of salts - General properties of nitrate of potash, etc. - Properties of gold, iron, silver and other metals - Determination of the properties of drugs other than those herein mentioned - Drinks and beverages - Rules of diet - Rules of serving out the meal - General causes of indigestion - Symptoms of the different types of indigestion - Medical treatment of the same - Symptoms which mark acts of over or insufficient eating, or an act of eating a meal before a previous one is digested - Reason of one's feeling hungry even when suffering from indigestion .. 469 - 571

Different Kinds Of For And Drink 100151