Treatment Of Pittaja-Kacha

Clarified butter skimmed from milk (and not from curd) and duly cooked with the drugs of the Madhura (Kako-lyadi) group † should be employed as a snuff (Nasya), or as a Tarpana in the Pittaja type of this disease. The flesh of Jangala animals (deer, etc.) and the drugs of the Kakolyadi group should be used in the manner of Puta-paika in the Pittaja type of Kacha. A Kshudran-jana composed of Rasanjana, sugar, honey Manah-s'ila, and Yashti-madhu may likewise be applied. The use of an Anjana composed of Rasanjana and Tutthaka taken in equal parts and finely pounded, is also recommended by experts ‡ in such cases. Powdered Tutthaka soaked in the decoction of Bhillota and the drugs of the Eladi-gana would be used as a Pratyanjana, and would be found beneficial in such cases. The use (as an Anjana) of Mesha-s'ringi and Srotonjana taken in equal parts and two parts of conch-shell pounded together is efficacious in the Pittaja type of this disease (Kacha). The juice of Palas'a, Rohita and Madhuka (flower) mixed with honey and the surface layer of wine (taken in equal parts) should be prepared (in the manner of Rasa-kriya and applied as an eye-salve in this type). 26-27.

* Pratyanjana (secondary eye-salve) is an antidote for the over-use of an Anjana.

† According to some commentators the milk should he first cooked with the drugs of the Madhura group, and butter should then be churned out of that milk.

‡ A benumbed condition of the eye through the abuse of eye-salves calls for the use of this Anjana as an antidote.

Treatment Of Kaphaja Type

The drugs known as Us'ira, Rodhra, Triphala and Priyangu duly cooked together (with Tila oil) should be employed for the purposes of snuffing (Nasya) in the Kaphaja Type. Fumigation (Dhumana) with the vapours of Vidanga, Patha, Kinihi and Ingudi-bark would also prove beneficial in the Kaphaja type of cataract (Timira). The affected part should be likewise lubricated with the medicated Ghrita duly cooked with the decoction of Vanaspati (the milk-exuding trees, e. g., those of the species of Indian holy fig) with pasted Haridra and Us'ira (as Kalka). The essence of the meat of Jangala (forest) animals, mixed with Pippali and profusely saturated with Saindhdva and honey, should be prepared in the manner of Puta-pdka (and applied to the affected part). Manah-s'ila,, Trikatu, Saindhava, Makshika (honey), S'amkha, Kasisa and Rasanjana should be combinedly used for the purposes of Rasa-kriya (in the type under discussion). Kasisa, Rasanjana, Guda (old and matured treacle) and Nagara, may be likewise used with benefit. 28.

Treatment Of Tri-Doshaja Ka'Cha

Anjana (Antimony) many times heated and (subsequently) soaked in the decoction of. Triphala prepared with (the eight kinds of) urine, should be put inside the hollow (marrowless) bone of a nocturnal bird (such as the vulture, etc.) and kept immersed for a month in unruffled (currentless) water. The Anjana thus prepared may be used with advantage, in combination with Madhuka (Yashti-madhu) and the flowers of Mesha-s'ringi in the Tri-doshaja types of Kacha. As an alternative, all the measures and remedies (e. g., Tarpana, Puta-paka, etc.) * applicable in all the three Doshas should be employed in such cases. 29.